Weird Video Wednesday:: “Hooked On A Feeling”–David Hasselhoff

I don’t know if “Weird Video Wednesday” is going to stick, but it definitely describes today’s post–a zany music video of David Hasselhoff performing “Hooked On A Feeling.”  I probably posted it before, but you can never get enough of The Hoff ruining classic songs. Or flying from obscure to obscure scene.  Personally, I likeContinue reading “Weird Video Wednesday:: “Hooked On A Feeling”–David Hasselhoff”

Find me on Hoffspace

If you can’t get enough David Hasselhoff (and really who can?) then you’ll be psyched to hear about the actor’s own social networking site called “HoffSpace.” Thank goodness for which alerts the public about such notable happenings (full story). Oh, and if you and “The Hoff” are good friends, here are some alternative namesContinue reading “Find me on Hoffspace”