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The McCain Girls vs. The Obama Girl vs. The Hillary Kid

14 Apr

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the “McCain Girls”–a trio of ladies who have made two videos in support McCain (read more) and the “The Obama Girl” who seems to have a thing for Barack Obama. The McCain Girls, who sing “Raining McCain” and “Here Comes McCain Again” are part of the humor website 23/6, which is poking fun at campaign songs. The Obama Girl, Amber Lee Ettinger, sports a shirt reading “I’ve Got a Crush on Obama” in her video, and was voted as one of the sexiest women on the web. So, who could win in a battle of the McCain Girls vs. the Obama Girl? While the McCain Girls have the advantage of being a trio, they really can’t sing on-key, and don’t have as much sex appeal as the Obama Girl, who sings slightly better. Truth be told, the Obama Girl’s son is flat-out better lyrically and musically. Plus, that Obama Girl is scrappy–I think she could definitely beat the McCain Girls in a fight. Yet i love how the McCain Girls represent a wider demographic, and they’re not, uh, skanky. Maybe sexy sells, but I sure wish that Obama Girl would cover up. How is having hot chicks sexualize your campaign going to win votes? Not sure, but I will say this Amber Lee Ettinger seems like a nice girl, and the video is pretty amusing. I’m not sure what “girl” I am anymore. Then there’s this random rockin’ kid who likes Hilary, who’s the best of the lot. Unfortunately, I think he’s underaged (jail bait!), but man, this kid can rock. I think he can take ’em all on. See him below…

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