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It is finished

21 Mar

“When He had received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’ With that, he bowed his head and gave up His spirit.”–John 19:30


Crucifying Santa

23 Dec

AP Photo

A Bremerton, Washington man has crucified Santa Claus…in his front yard.  The fifteen foot lighted cross has stirred mixed emotions from Art Conrad’s neighbors.  Saying he’s protesting the commercialism running rampant during the holidays, Conrad even sent out Christmas cards reading, “Santa died for your MasterCard” (story here).

The head of the crucified Santa was taken from his animated singing Santa, which unfortunately Conrad did not remove from the premises.  So, yes, there is a headless Santa leading the masses in merry song.  I can only imagine what the rest of this guy’s front yard looks like.

Anyway, Conrad says that he is an “artist” so once he creates something, he probably will never do it again.   That has to have Conrad’s neighbors heaving sighs of relief.  Although, they can’t breath too easy–Easter is right around the corner.

By the way, Conrad only recently moved to the neighborhood–just in time for the holidays!

OK, I like to make statements just as much as the next outspoken person…but a 15 foot Santa on a cross?  Come on, now.  While it certainly stirs up controversy and causes people who live thousands of miles away to blog about it, it’s only because we all think Mr. Conrad is some sort of demented Grinch.

Seriously, how many people look at crucified Santa on a lighted cross and think, “Gee, I spent too much for Christmas this year…maybe I better return some  stuff”?  Or “Yes, commercialism is ruining Christmas.  Thank you, crucified Santa!  You have saved me from my sin of poor stewardship”?  And then there’s the matter of the headless singing Santa….maybe he can use that in his Halloween display next October.

When your message is this offensive, no one’s really listening.  They’re pointing at your hideous display, taking pictures to remember it’s ugliness, and sneering at your behind your back.

So, any guesses on what Mr. Conrad’s gonna do the Easter Bunny?  I’m disgusted just considering the possibilities.

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