Faith Beyond Politics

Maybe I’m not a horrible Christian after all. According to the Barna Group, born-again Christians are less likely to vote for Republican candidates. The group says that if the election were held today, more Christians would vote for the Democratic Party Presidential nominee, even if it was Hillary Clinton!!! (Read study here and thanks toContinue reading “Faith Beyond Politics”

The “Christian” Way to Vote

According to Florida pastor Brian Longworth (who I had never heard of until I read this article), if Christians show up to the polls and “vote their values” Mike Huckabee can win the Republican Party’s nomination. Here’s a direct quote from the piece, “Christians make up the largest voting block in America, and when theyContinue reading “The “Christian” Way to Vote”

A Sexually Explict Day in the Neighborhood

I’ll be honest–I’ve been shocked by the public’s reaction to Jamie Lynn Spears‘ pregnancy. While I don’t think it’s appropriate for 16 year-old girls to get pregnant out of wedlock, I don’t understand what our culture expects. Sixteen year-old girls get pregnant all the time. In fact, a few high schools in my town offerContinue reading “A Sexually Explict Day in the Neighborhood”