Photo Essay:: Bebo Norman // MercyMe Concert

By Amy Sondova On Oct. 18, I had the pleasure of seeing Bebo Norman in concert for the first time.  Instead of going on and on about how awesome he was, I decided to tell post a bunch of pictures.  If you play his music in the background and use your imagination, it’ll be justContinue reading “Photo Essay:: Bebo Norman // MercyMe Concert”

Alive 2008 Recap

My dear friend, Jeff Greathouse, his beautiful wife, and their kids attended Alive 2008, a Christian music festivals taking place in Ohio. To read all about Jeff’s take on the fest, go to his blog (Alive:Wednesday, Alive: Thursday, Festival Photos, Concert Photos). He graciously allowed me to post some of his stellar concert pics onContinue reading “Alive 2008 Recap”

Men Dress in Drag to Win Hannah Montana Tix

Ugliest group of women you’ll ever see. Photo courtesy of The Daily Herald. If you wanna get Hannah Montana tickets, you gotta do like a lady…or a really ugly woman. In some truly disturbing and bizarre contests around the country, grown men have been dressing up like little girls, more specifically 14 year-old singing sensation,Continue reading “Men Dress in Drag to Win Hannah Montana Tix”

Questions, Pondering, Dreaming

I was chatting with my good friend, MaryBeth McCandless on AIM when she posted an interesting question to me–what would you change or do in your life right now if time, money, and self-confidence was totally plentiful? Questions about my dreams get my brain churning and my heart racing, especially when I have enough moneyContinue reading “Questions, Pondering, Dreaming”

If Hannah Montana was in my youth group…

Just think of all the possibilities for your youth group if pop singer Hannah Montana a.k.a. Miley Cyrus was in your youth group… 1. The youth worship band would be rockin’ with Miley and/or Hannah as the lead singer. The drawback: All the ‘tween girls would try to sneak into youth group. 2. You couldContinue reading “If Hannah Montana was in my youth group…”

Scalping Hannah Montana

These days it’s tough enough to be a pre-teen girl–now they can’t even afford to go to a Hannah Montana concert.  Why, you ask?  Because unscrupulous ticket scalpers are buying up the tickets to Hannah aka Miley Cyrus‘ concerts in bulk and bilking the tickets for all they’re worth.  And they’re worth a lot–upwards ofContinue reading “Scalping Hannah Montana”

The Return of Extroverted Amy

Tonight I went to a Brandon Heath concert. You can read all the groovy details about it on YMX: ALL ACCESS. I was pretty proud of myself because I didn’t really want to go. I haven’t been sleeping well and I’ve been worrying about this and that. I kind of just wanted to chill atContinue reading “The Return of Extroverted Amy”