Save the College Kids!

Every culture has some rite of passage.  For example, Native American male youth go on vision quests while the Amish practice rumspringa, a time to venture out of their community and into the world.  Here in the United States, we have college.  While only slightly more than half of high school graduates go directly toContinue reading “Save the College Kids!”

Take 5 with PostSecret’s Frank Warren

By Amy Sondova What started as a small community art project has become a world-wide phenomenon, such is the power of art and secrets in the Internet age, such is the power of PostSecret. The concept is simple—decorate a postcard anyway you like with a secret that no one else knows, and mail it toContinue reading “Take 5 with PostSecret’s Frank Warren”

Obama’s Not Rockin’ My Vote

BSW welcomes Andrew Wilhelm, who will be writing about issues related to culture, politics, and economics (and everything else you need to know about life from a college guy). By Andrew J. Wilhelm Barack Obama, the electrifying, charismatic, charming young politician. Barack Obama, the breath of fresh air, the suave law professor, the speaker ofContinue reading “Obama’s Not Rockin’ My Vote”

Hope in Cynicism

Photo by Damien Katz I often talk to a friend of mine (more like a little brother) who’s a freshman in college.  Though he’s been through some rough times, he still has so much passion and zeal for life.  Despite the bumps in the road, he’s willing to take on the world.  Another girl IContinue reading “Hope in Cynicism”

Youth Media Blog-A-Thon: Election

Yesterday marked the start of the first ever Youth Media Blog-A-Thon, an event sponsored by YO! Youth Outlook Media and Wiretap, both excellent organizations dedicated to allowing youth to take ownership of their media.  The ‘thon runs until Feb. 22, and everyone was supposed to post about youth and the election, campaign slogans, or whatever…yesterday.Continue reading “Youth Media Blog-A-Thon: Election”

Critical Thinking on the College Level

Here’s Mary, one of those impressive Penn State students, at school’s Lion Shrine. I was on a church committee to send devotionals once a week to college students. My day was Sunday. I worked my darnedest to search through Scripture writing something that was elegant, thoughtful, and edgy. For some reason, students kept asking toContinue reading “Critical Thinking on the College Level”

Croatian Smurfs & Horribly Dressed Penn State Students

It’s a sad day to be one of the 395 Croatian Smurf wanna-bes.  In an attempt to break the world record for the most Smurfs gathered in one place (yeah, there’s actually a world record for that), they all failed.  They falsely thought they had to beat the old record of 291 smurfs, but reallyContinue reading “Croatian Smurfs & Horribly Dressed Penn State Students”

It’s OK to Be a Sex Offender…If You’re Pretty

If you’re a teacher who wants to have sex with an underaged student, it’s OK but only if you look like this… That is the face of Debra Lafave, the beautiful blond bombshell teacher infamous for having sex with one of her 14 year-old students in school and in her home (story here). Now she’sContinue reading “It’s OK to Be a Sex Offender…If You’re Pretty”

Maybe MySpace Isn’t *THAT* Bad…

Even though I much prefer Facebook over its competitor, MySpace, I’ve found myself hanging out on MySpace lately. Here’s why: THE MYRIAD 1. I like to check out bands and on MySpace, you can easily listen to their songs. Some debut bands I’ve been enjoying on MySpace include The Myriad and Fort Pastor. Plus, DavidContinue reading “Maybe MySpace Isn’t *THAT* Bad…”

My Capitol Records Dream

Growing up, my father kept me on a healthy musical diet full of the greats–Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Moody Blues, The Kinks, and many other rock legends. Many of these legends, including the Beach Boys and the Beatles, had their music distributed on the infamous Capitol Records. As a freshman college student,Continue reading “My Capitol Records Dream”