Book Review:: Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson

“What is one thing you feel you can’t say in church?”  It’s a question author Anne Jackson posed on her blog, receiving a worldwide response.  Readers mailed hundreds of confessions, some artistic, some simply written on index cards to Jackson who cataloged the responses on  Jackson uses these artistic avowals along with essays andContinue reading “Book Review:: Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson”

Book Review:: So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore

Beloved women’s speaker and author Beth Moore’s latest book, So Long, Insecurity (Tyndale), is her most personal book to date.  Moore, who has helped countless ladies break free, get out of pits, and dive deep into Scripture with studies on Jesus, Paul, David, and Esther, is now combating a stronghold in the lives of manyContinue reading “Book Review:: So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore”

The Women of the Resurrection

In this pic, Jesus looks like He’s playing hide-and-seek with the women. I wanted to prepare this blog post sooner, but time is not on my side lately.  My family could definitely use your prayer.  Gosh, I could use your prayers.  However, better late than never, here’s the follow up to “The Women of theContinue reading “The Women of the Resurrection”

Book Review:: The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher

I’m a Pennsylvania girl who lives a hop, skip and a jump from Lancaster County, so I no longer gawk at Amish or Mennonites in their plain clothes and buggies (though I do get excited about the horses).  Growing up with knowledge of the Amish, I was eager to dig into Suzanne Woods Fisher’s book,Continue reading “Book Review:: The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher”

Take 5 with Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like

Stuff Christians Like (SCL) is a fast-growing site that takes a satirical and honest view of Christian pop culture.  Started in March 2008, site founder Jon Acuff decided to put an evangelical twist on the wildly popular blog, Stuff White People Like.  Writing with wit and sensitivity, Acuff has engaged readers with over 500 (almostContinue reading “Take 5 with Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like”

Book Review:: Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions by James A. Beverley

Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions (Thomas Nelson, May 2009) doesn’t sound like the makings of an exciting book, but rather a college text book for a class a student was forced to take.  However, this resource is anything but boring and you must (not should—MUST) add it to your book collection. James A. Beverley’s bookContinue reading “Book Review:: Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions by James A. Beverley”

Photo Essay:: Three Crosses

“Three Crosses” by Dirk Bolle Dirk Bolle is the nerd in residence at Christian Assembly in Los Angeles. Besides God, Dirk can’t live without Macs and coffee. He also enjoys taking photographs of his landlord’s cats and watching “Cops” and “M*A*S*H”. In his former life, Dirk was on the original cast of “Square Pegs” asContinue reading “Photo Essay:: Three Crosses”

Big can be beautiful? Really?

Until I saw this news article, I had no idea that Mia Tyler existed. Captivated by the title of a plus-sized model who wanted to commit suicide, I decided to give the article a looksy. Apparently Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler has another little girl besides actress Liv Tyler (who is one of my favorite actresses) andContinue reading “Big can be beautiful? Really?”

I Won’t Buy You a Beer

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among Christians.  They seem to laud drinking and alcohol.  I have no problem with the responsible consumption of alcohol–really.  However, I choose not to drink because alcoholism is a problem that has hit both sides of my family so I’d rather not indulge.  Plus, alcohol can interfere with my medicine..andContinue reading “I Won’t Buy You a Beer”

Miley’s Faith

Thanks to the AP for this lovely photo of Miley Cyrus. Her eyes look dramatic, don’t they? A big round of applause to Dave Garrison for today’s Miley Cyrus update. Clean-cut teen Miley Cyrus of “Hannah Montana” celebrity recently spoke about her faith in a Fox News interview saying, “I think it’s my faith thatContinue reading “Miley’s Faith”