Book Review:: Vanishing Act by Liz Johnson

Even though Vanishing Act had a fairly simple plot, I enjoyed Liz Johnson’s novel.  This “love inspired romance” is one of those books with a Christian twist.  But the characters, who attend church and pray, are not overly religious.  In fact, despite being an FBI agent and a woman who wanted by a ruthless hitContinue reading “Book Review:: Vanishing Act by Liz Johnson”

Christa Banister :: Blessedly Meddling in Chick Lit

By Amy Sondova There’s one thing they never teach you in those college journalism classes—how to deal with the angst of interviewing and writing about another writer, especially when that individual is music journalist and author, Christa Banister.  Not only has she just released her second novel, Blessed Are the Meddlers, she also has anContinue reading “Christa Banister :: Blessedly Meddling in Chick Lit”