Book Review + Giveaway:: Life, In Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson

When 17 year-old Kristen Anderson laid on the tracks in front of an oncoming train, she expected to die.  In fact, she wanted to die.  The incident that should very well have taken her life only took Kristen’s legs, which was still a lot.  Life, In Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson with TriciaContinue reading “Book Review + Giveaway:: Life, In Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson”

The Rugged Path

The other day I blogged about how the day after a long holiday (especially after Christmas/ New Year’s) is gray and mushy; I failed to mention that this time of year is particularly difficult for me in other ways, too.  The past few years I’ve had the after-Christmas/is-the-sun-ever-gonna-shine-again blah’s.  Three years ago, I was givenContinue reading “The Rugged Path”

Review :: Hello Love – Chris Tomlin

By Alyssa Bjornstad Hello Love (sixstepsrecords) affirms yet again that Chris Tomlin is more than a songwriter and musician; he is a worshiper. This album emerges in a different way than Tomlin’s previous solo albums (The Noise We Make, Not to Us, Arriving, Live from Austin Music Hall, See the Morning). At first listen, manyContinue reading “Review :: Hello Love – Chris Tomlin”