Jon & Kate:: What about the Plus Eight?

Take it from a kid whose parents split up—it’s not something you want the world to see.  People are generally at their worse when dividing up 23 years of marriage between alimony, possessions, and accusations.  I should know; I’m a child of divorce, which is why this whole Jon and Kate Gosselin thing is outContinue reading “Jon & Kate:: What about the Plus Eight?”

Ripped Apart: Helping Teens Through Divorce

By Amy Sondova Is it my fault? I was haunted by the question. Whether sitting in a college class learning about women’s literature or hanging out with friends, it hit me. Before the rush of emotion crested, I would race to the nearest bathroom, lock myself into a stall, and weep. Once I regained myContinue reading “Ripped Apart: Helping Teens Through Divorce”

Shawn & Me: Adult Children of Divorce

If you haven’t yet heard me proclaim it from the mountaintops, my favorite show is “Psych”, which airs on Friday nights at 10 PM (EST) on USA Network.  I like to tell people I have a steady date with Shawn Spencer on Friday nights…it makes my social life seem juicier (or really sad if theyContinue reading “Shawn & Me: Adult Children of Divorce”

Slow Fade When You Give Yourself Away

Photo Credit: Dan Phillips At the beginning of November, I had the pleasure of attending Casting Crowns current tour, The Altar and the Door (based on their latest album by the same title). The tour also includes Leeland and John Waller. I had listened to the new album a few times before I saw theContinue reading “Slow Fade When You Give Yourself Away”