Joe Jackson, Leave Those Kids Alone!

According to Jackson family biographer, Ian Halperin, family patriarch Joe Jackson wants to organize Michael’s three children into a singing trio known as the Jackson 3.  Former manager of the Jackson 5, Joe Jackson (Michael’s father) already has a world tour in mind for the three children—Prince Michael (12), Paris (11), and Prince Michael IIContinue reading “Joe Jackson, Leave Those Kids Alone!”

True Confessions Friday:: I had a rockin’ Michael Jackson belt.

I still remember the day I got my Michael Jackson belt.  I was shopping at K-Mart with my mom and I found it on the edge of the “Boys Clothing Section.”  I begged her to buy me that boy belt (previous attempts to get boys’ shoes had not worked.  Didn’t she know that I neededContinue reading “True Confessions Friday:: I had a rockin’ Michael Jackson belt.”

Tuned Out:: Amy Courts’ New Song “I Wanna Know”

This week my friend and musician Amy Courts premiered her new song “I Wanna Know” on her blog and Facebook page.  She graciously allowed me to share the song with you.  You can read the full story behind the song at Amy’s Blog.  I’m certain that Amy would also like me to mention the MochaContinue reading “Tuned Out:: Amy Courts’ New Song “I Wanna Know””

Does Marines Abuse of Puppy Indicate More?

I grew up around a lot of animals–turtles, hamsters, dogs, snakes, elephants, lions, and walruses to name a few (OK, I made up the elephants, lions, and walruses). Whether a squirrel in the park or the cat in our house (that won’t stay off the counter), animals are a part of our everyday lives. ManyContinue reading “Does Marines Abuse of Puppy Indicate More?”