The “American Idol” elimination show is still going on, but I had to let everyone know that Brooke White is…SAFE! Who knows who’s getting thrown off, but it’s neither of the Davids or Brooke! Next week’s mentor is Neil Diamond and I’m sure that Brooke will do well. I knew those 200 votes would payContinue reading “BROOKE IS SAFE!!!”

It’s A Cook Off!

The very single David Cook. Yes, ladies, David Cook is single. That’s one of the fascinating tidbits viewers picked up with tuning in to “American Idol’s” elimination show tonight. This season viewers can now call in on elimination nights to ask questions to the judges or contestants. Naturally, the questions are always of a seriousContinue reading “It’s A Cook Off!”

A Screechy Night on AI

Poor Simon! I think they should add me to the panel. When I heard that Mariah Carey was this week’s mentor on “American Idol”, I knew it could only spell disaster for most of the contestants. I mean, really, “Mariah Carey Night”??! What were the producers thinking? Or maybe it was a Randy Jackson decisionContinue reading “A Screechy Night on AI”

TiVo Was Wrong!

SYESHA IS SAFE!!! Looks like TiVo isn’t locked in on the pulse of “American Idol” fans after all. In tonight’s shocking elimination, Aussie rocker Michael Johns was sent home. Ironically, his rendition of “Dream On” was better tonight than on Tuesday night. There was an audible gasp from the crowd and the judges (minus Simon)Continue reading “TiVo Was Wrong!”

Idol in the Internet Age

Ah-ha! She’s had an album, so that probably means she had a record deal! (Or that someone spent a lot of time playing on Photoshop.) My infatuation with “American Idol” is quickly fading. Besides being in a bit of a hormone rage, I wasn’t interested enough in the Top 12 male contestants to watch theContinue reading “Idol in the Internet Age”