Photo Essay: To Be Born Again

While I can’t remember its writer or its title, the lyrics of this song ring through my head, “Everything must die to be born again.”  Fall is that death and in winter it seems that life will never burst forth from the frigid, frozen earth.  But the snow always melts, the buds always come inContinue reading “Photo Essay: To Be Born Again”

Photo Essay:: Inside Scranton, Pennsylvania

On Wednesday, I accompanied my friend, Shari, on a trip to her hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Scranton is not only the hometown of Vice President Joe Biden (until he moved to Delaware at the age of 10) but also the location of the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin from “The Office.”  A historic town, ScrantonContinue reading “Photo Essay:: Inside Scranton, Pennsylvania”

A Day in the Park

Sarah had off today and after attending to some usual Monday things, we decided to head out to test our beautiful new Canon camera (which is mostly mine since I’m the one who takes 99% of all photos). I pulled into the Fish Hatchery because trout are always fun… Look at all ‘dem trout! IContinue reading “A Day in the Park”