Sharon, the Oklahoma Rose

On April 13, 2004 the official state flower of Oklahoma became the “Oklahoma rose”. Since Sharon was an avid gardener, it is only appropriate that this blog entry be titled after one of Oklahoma’s most beautiful roses, Sharon Hart. UPDATE 1/10/07 @ 2 PM EST: Jen’s mother, Sharon Hart, was ushered into the arms ofContinue reading “Sharon, the Oklahoma Rose”

An Ode to the Leader of the Band

Yesterday singer/songwriter Dan Fogelberg, 56, died from prostate cancer on Sunday. Some of your are probably scratching your heads thinking, who is this guy? (He was popular in the 70s & 80s with a nice folksy voice in the veins of James Taylor.) Still others will be shocked by this statement–I am a Dan FogelbergContinue reading “An Ode to the Leader of the Band”