Voting:: American Idol vs. American President

By Andrew J. Wilhelm Congratulations to the latest “American Idol” David Cook, who received the majority of the 99.7 million votes cast. While the inconvenience of college cut into my T.V. viewing, , I am a big fan of the show. The overall premise of the show, to give an amateur singer the chance ofContinue reading “Voting:: American Idol vs. American President”

Pro-Lifers Interrupt Obama Rally

Some pro-life protesters calling themselves the “Survivors” decided to “confront” Barack Obama at a campaign rally in Rochester on Monday. According to their press release, they “shut down” the whole rally, but after watching the YouTube video that the Survivors themselves posted, I think they were the ones who were shut down. Honestly, I thinkContinue reading “Pro-Lifers Interrupt Obama Rally”

Hillary’s Boys Club

The other day, Hillary Clinton spoke at Wellesley College, an all-women’s college and Clinton’s alma mater (story here). During her speech, Clinton said something that struck a cord with me. She said, “In so many ways, this all women’s college prepared me to compete on the all boys’ club of presidential politics.” Naturally, Clinton’s rivalsContinue reading “Hillary’s Boys Club”