To Save A Life–the Movie & the Sonic Kitty

On Thursday evening, I attended a pre-screening of TO SAVE A LIFE, a film that delves into the lives of teenagers in crisis (suicide, pregnancy, divorce, cutting, bullying).  For now, all I will say about the film (which releases in January 2010) is:: it’s pretty good, has the potential to get teens (and adults) talkingContinue reading “To Save A Life–the Movie & the Sonic Kitty”

She Didn’t Want Me Anymore

I sat in the guidance counselor’s office with tears pouring down my cheeks, snot running out my nostrils, and a broken heart.  He eyed me wearily, like he hated middle school girls who cried.  I am convinced that he was the Grinch, even looked like the Grinch minus the green skin pigmentation.  “So, your friendContinue reading “She Didn’t Want Me Anymore”

True Confessions Friday:: He called me Squeaker.

Anyone who’s ever talked to me or listened to one of my audio interviews over at The Christian Manifesto knows that I have a unique voice. While my mom thinks my voice is quite lovely and those who know me appreciate its quirkiness, it hasn’t always been a gift.  In fact, there was a timeContinue reading “True Confessions Friday:: He called me Squeaker.”

The Bully in the Kitchen

My two dogs are great teachers in lessons about life. Obviously, I don’t get tips on social etiquette from them–like smelling another dog’s butt to say hello or licking myself in front of company. However, animals of all kinds are great teachers if we allow God to use His creations to teach us about HimContinue reading “The Bully in the Kitchen”

Queen Sized: Fat Chicks Can Rule

“Pretty girl gets pretty boy.” “You have such a pretty face…and such an ugly body.” “All anyone is ever going to see when they look at you is fat.” “If you knew that people would like you better if you lost weight, aren’t you just punishing yourself?” These are all lines from the new T.V.Continue reading “Queen Sized: Fat Chicks Can Rule”

Bullying in the Age of Technology

Traditional methods of bullying such as hassling underlings for lunch money or giving wedgies seem to have fallen by the wayside in light of new technology. For example, is it better to call a girl a slut in front of a few friends or to send a text message about her to everyone on yourContinue reading “Bullying in the Age of Technology”

Liberation Through Skeletons in the Closet

One of my newspaper columns from when I was in college (a liberal women’s college at that)… Liberation Through Skeletons in the Closet Hi everyone. In case you haven’t noticed I’m fat. Those of you who don’t know me personally now know my secret. And the funny thing about being fat is that society hasContinue reading “Liberation Through Skeletons in the Closet”