The Wounded Person X 4

If I were the sort of writer who dedicated her life to writing about celebrity gossip, I imagine I would write something like this:: Bristol Palin broke up with her fiance, the father of her child. [Insert sneer] Harsh judgment, rude commentary, and lack of compassion to follow. We don’t care that her heart wasContinue reading “The Wounded Person X 4”

Bebo Norman :: From the Ruins

Talking with Bebo Norman is like chatting with an old friend; except I’ve never met Bebo Norman. However, I’ve closely followed his career.  Easing into our phone interview with a joke, Bebo informed me that he’s running errands while he talks.  Moving into a safe icebreaker, we chat about his family and rearing of hisContinue reading “Bebo Norman :: From the Ruins”

The Disconnect Between Juno and Jamie Lynn

By Amy Sondova Ever since Jamie Lynn Spears announced her pregnancy, she has been the talk of the tabloids. It seems that big sister Britney’s troubles cut in on Jamie Lynn’s press time. Gossip columnists have speculated whether or not Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend has abandoned her, if Jamie Lynn’s a victim of statutory rape, andContinue reading “The Disconnect Between Juno and Jamie Lynn”

Dr. Phil and Britney’s Downfall

AP I’ve never liked Dr. Phil McGraw.  He seems arrogant, obnoxious, and I don’t especially appreciate his brand of pop therapy being broadcast to audiences all around the world.  Now Dr. Phil, who is currently unlicensed at least in California and Texas and hasn’t practiced in years, is coming under fire for his role inContinue reading “Dr. Phil and Britney’s Downfall”

Let’s All Laugh at Britney, Part 3

Man, I feel like I have to comment on every Britney Spears event. Am I becoming as bad as the paparazzi? It’s something with which I struggle. By commenting on this media spectacle, am I adding to it? Or is my little voice one of reason? Besides, it’s not like my blog is a majorContinue reading “Let’s All Laugh at Britney, Part 3”

Let’s All Laugh at Britney, Part 2

This is a nice picture of Britney before all this insanity broke out. What is up with our national obsession with Britney Spears? I think that Fox News Network is devoting as much coverage to her meltdown as they did to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now I know that Fox News is not aloneContinue reading “Let’s All Laugh at Britney, Part 2”

Fox News Turning Into Gossip Rag

I hate to say it, but my beloved Fox News Network (FNN) is really getting on my nerves. News Corp, the parent company of FNN bought, a trashy entertainment site last January, and added TMZ’s “news” to its line-up. Since the unholy alliance, FNN and TMZ have become bed buddies informing the public aboutContinue reading “Fox News Turning Into Gossip Rag”

A Sexually Explict Day in the Neighborhood

I’ll be honest–I’ve been shocked by the public’s reaction to Jamie Lynn Spears‘ pregnancy. While I don’t think it’s appropriate for 16 year-old girls to get pregnant out of wedlock, I don’t understand what our culture expects. Sixteen year-old girls get pregnant all the time. In fact, a few high schools in my town offerContinue reading “A Sexually Explict Day in the Neighborhood”

“Zoey 101” Reportedly Cancelled or Maybe Not

IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED THAT ‘ZOEY 101’ HAS FILMED ITS FINAL SEASON PRIOR TO THE BIRTH OF JAMIE LYNN’S BABY AND WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO THE AIR WAVES. SORRY, KIDS! According to British media sources (the Brits always seem to know things first–I think it has something to do with Scotland yard), Nickelodeon hasContinue reading ““Zoey 101” Reportedly Cancelled or Maybe Not”

Let’s All Laugh at Britney

Fox News I was reading an article on the Fox News website, when I noticed an orange “breaking news” banner across the top of the screen stating that Britney Spears had been hospitalized and could lose visitation with her children. This could just be me, but this hardly seems worthy of a fancy orange “breakingContinue reading “Let’s All Laugh at Britney”