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The Wounded Person X 4

11 Mar

If I were the sort of writer who dedicated her life to writing about celebrity gossip, I imagine I would write something like this::

Bristol Palin broke up with her fiance, the father of her child. [Insert sneer] Harsh judgment, rude commentary, and lack of compassion to follow. We don’t care that her heart was broken because we knew it would happen anyway. I mean, she’s only 18—what was she thinking anyway? Her “engagement” was just a facade created by the McPalin campaign to put conservatives at ease. She’s going to be another single teen mom on welfare, just like that Octomom.

Octomom doesn’t even have a name anymore…or feelings. She’s just a woman with 14 kids on welfare. She wants to look like Angelina Jolie and she buys MAC lipstick. And, did you hear, she’s going to be moving in to a $500,000 house? I wonder who’s paying for *that*.

At least Jessica Simpson lost all that extra baggage, if you know what I mean. Honestly, a sex symbol like her putting on some pounds. Who cares if she has to work out six hours a day to look like that? It’s not like she has anything better to do now that she’s divorced Nick Lachey. And she better keep that weight off if she wants to keep her current man.

Britney’s making a come-back, but that’s only because we’re all waiting for her to break-down…again. She’s not on the “Circus” tour; she is the circus tour.

Pretty good, huh? Well, don’t worry, I’m not applying for a job at TMZ.com. I’m merely parroting some of the things I’ve heard about each of these women in recent days and it makes me sick.

Just because these ladies are willing or unwilling in the spotlight doesn’t make them fair game for the judgment of a nation. Jeering at Bristol Palin’s heartache or flapping your jaw about Nadya Suleman’s kids or sneering at Jessica Simpson’s weigh gain or making bets on how long Britney’s going to stay “sane” won’t make you a better person. All you really gain is temporary feelings of self-indulgent superiority over your fellow (wo)man. It will pass and you will remain the same bitter individual.

Jessica Simpson’s weight and Britney’s “Circus” tour are trivial things. Bristol Palin’s love life is none of our business. And while there are some serious concerns regarding Nadya Suleman, do we really care about what kind of lip gloss she buys? And why do we care so much? Why is the culture of celebrity scandal so enticing? Why did we want to see Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie have a cat right over Brad Pitt at the Academy Awards?

At the end of the day, Bristol’s a pregnant teenager with a tough road ahead of her, and it looks like she’ll be walking that road alone, at least for a little while.

Nadya’s probably mentally ill and needs treatment, but was instead injected with fertility drugs and frozen embryos. Then there are the 14 children who will be known as Octomom’s brood. How difficult this must be for them.

Jessica and Britney are used to it by now. Or they should be. But my guess is they’re not. They don’t just live in million-dollar mansions to show off their wealth; they live in castles to keep the world out

Bristol, Nadya, Jessica, Britney. Within each, beats the wounded heart of a woman. And I know a little something about being a wounded person, how about you?


Letterman: After McCain Drops Dead, Palin Won’t Teach Sex Ed

4 Sep

So I was watching “The O’Reilly Factor” to see Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Barack Obama when he showed a clip from “The David Letterman Show” airing on Sept. 3.  In the clip, Letterman is chatting with Dr. Phil McGraw about Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her pregnant teen daughter.

Letterman sets it up like this, “Here’s the first thing that came to my mind–OK, so poor John McCain drops dead in office. He gets elected and drops dead.  It’s happened!  I think Grover Cleveland dropped dead in office, I don’t know.  So now she’s the President and I’m thinking to myself, so she’s the president, fine, but don’t you want your President to have had the presence of mind to have chatted to her teenage kids for five minutes about birth control?”

Dr. Phil responded by saying (this is paraphrased), “Whoa, Dave, just wait until your kid becomes a teenager, and we can contiue this discussion then!”  The joke basically bombed, but apparently true wit isn’t one of Letterman’s strong points (guess he has to use the teleprompter).  He then asked, “They don’t sell Trojan condoms in Alaska?”  Further pressing the issue, Letterman suggests that Sarah Palin probably forced abstinence on her daughter, didn’t teach her about birth control, and that’s why Bristol Palin got pregnant!  (Don’t believe me?  Go here to watch a clip of the show.  The part I’m discussing starts at the 4:38 minute marker and continues on until the end.  Yes, over four minutes of this nonsense!)

First of all, I find it offensive that Letterman would suggest that McCain would just drop dead once he gets into office because he is in his early 70’s.  Did anyone get a load of his mom, Roberta?  The lady is 96 and as spry as a 50 year-old!  While I know that Letterman is edgy, that statement seemed rude, even for him.

Second, Letterman assumes that the Palins didn’t teach their children about responsible sex because their daughter is pregnant.  Guess what, Dave?  Girls who wear condoms (and use birth control) can still get pregnant.  Amazing how that works!  Besides, even if the Palins didn’t talk to Bristol about sex, I’m sure her public education told her all about the dangers of pre-marital sex.  I’m willing to bet she even got to practice putting a condom on a banana.

Third, I can’t believe he blamed “abstinence” for her pregnancy saying that she was less likely to use a condom!  Just because she was told to abstain (if she was told to abstain), doesn’t mean she listened.  What if her boyfriend kept a condom in his wallet “just in case”?   While I’m abstaining from premarital sex, I’m not so naive as to think that people don’t have sex, even if they’re told abstinence is a better choice.  And really, what does that have to do with anything, much less Palin’s vice-presidential nomination?

Fourth, why is he trying to drag poor Dr. Phil into his nonsense?  At one point, the audience actually went silent, probably because Letterman’s rant was so mean-spirited.

Some rags and media outlets seem to be having a field day with Sarah Palin’s personal life, which is interesting because I don’t recall Joe Biden receiving this much attention.  And Obama was raised by a single mom who had Barack when she was 18, didn’t she?  Hmm, why does Letterman seem so ignorant of that fact, or does his show exist to simply spew stupidity?

Ignorant or stupid–take your pick.

According to my friend Derek (he’s just a wealth of information lately, isn’t he?), Letterman isn’t the only host that is down on Palin.  Apparently Oprah refuses to be “fair and balanced” and interview Palin on her show.  Read about it here.

For an insightful post on Sarah Palin and women in leadership, check out Jonalyn Fincher’s “Sarah Palin- Integrating Work and Home.”

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