Finding Happiness

I cleaned my room on Saturday, which is always a daunting task because I am a pack rat.  Not like the guy who was a hoarder that lived at my old apartment complex, but I do like to save things “just in case”.  There’s a certain point where “just in case” because an overwhelming closetContinue reading “Finding Happiness”

Take 5 with Brian McLaren

Because artists, authors, and other exciting individuals don’t always have time for interviews, Backseat Writer is introducing a new feature called “Take 5”. This concept is simple—we e-mail five questions to a band, artist, author, astronaut, whoever, which should only take about five minutes to answer. It’s a great way to keep tabs on someContinue reading “Take 5 with Brian McLaren”

Put On A Happy Face :(

The past few months, I try to blog when I feel happy. While there have been some “downer” posts here and there, for the most part I’ve been either upbeat or ranting or humorous (at least I think I’m funny). I’ve mentioned before that there’s a high cost of being real and admitting your struggles,Continue reading “Put On A Happy Face :(“

The Ordinary Radicals: A Guest Post

Have you ever read a movie review for a movie that nobody — including the review author — has ever seen? No? Well buckle your seat belts kiddos, there’s a first time for everything… Ahh Christianity in America. Quite the popular topic among, well, Americans. And not only Americans who claim to be Christians. IContinue reading “The Ordinary Radicals: A Guest Post”

Book Review: Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be)

By Amy Sondova Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be) is an perceptive discourse on what pastor Kevin DeYoung and journalist Ted Kluck believe is lacking in the emergent church today. Often humorous, the insight and research the men have put into crafting their book is incredible. Not only reading a tonContinue reading “Book Review: Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be)”

Marketing A Movement

Postmodern! It’s a buzzword floating around the Christian communities these days. Church resource catalogs are full of “postmodern” authors like Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren, Tony Jones, Dan Kimball (gotta love that hair!), and many more! Every church in America should know about this movement, we’re certainly being inundated with enough resources on how to doContinue reading “Marketing A Movement”