Q&A With Best-Selling Novelist Flabbergasted Ray Blackston

After reading Flabbergasted, Ray Blackston’s debut novel, I knew I was hooked on his writing.  Blackston has this rare ability to craft characters that are so real, it’s scary.  But they’re also hilarious, too.  Poking fun at human nature, how we relate to one another, and a bit of the silly rituals we have atContinue reading “Q&A With Best-Selling Novelist Flabbergasted Ray Blackston”

How to Stimulate the Economy…or Just Your Brain

Yesterday as I was eating lunch, I flipped on Fox News to see what was going on in the world.  Apparently, the economy’s in the crapper.  If I didn’t know it from the news ticker on the bottom of my TV screen, surely each and every story would have clued me in.  I got toContinue reading “How to Stimulate the Economy…or Just Your Brain”

Take 5 with PostSecret’s Frank Warren

By Amy Sondova What started as a small community art project has become a world-wide phenomenon, such is the power of art and secrets in the Internet age, such is the power of PostSecret. The concept is simple—decorate a postcard anyway you like with a secret that no one else knows, and mail it toContinue reading “Take 5 with PostSecret’s Frank Warren”

Fred’s Death: Still in Denial

You think I’d be over it by now.  I mean, the book came out last July.  I’ve had months to deal with the death of Fred Weasley, and yet I still refuse to except it.  In fact, I’m more adamant now than I have ever been–Fred Weasley is not dead. To find more evidence fromContinue reading “Fred’s Death: Still in Denial”