How to lose $69 in 10 seconds

I feel like such an idiot.  As I scurried around getting ready for my weekly aqua-therapy appointment, I thought it might be nice to get a haircut this afternoon.  I opened my desk drawer, where I carefully hid my birthday money only to discover it was missing.  Hmmm, I must have put it in myContinue reading “How to lose $69 in 10 seconds”

Brandon Heath :: Social Activist

By Amy Sondova Fresh from Ireland and getting ready to play at a convention in Orlando, Brandon Heath caught up with me on his way to a sound check. “I actually called you 10 minutes late on my schedule,” he sheepishly admits. Such is the busy life of a musician on the precipice of releasingContinue reading “Brandon Heath :: Social Activist”

Brandon Heath: Missional Musician

Written in April 2007 By Amy Sondova Three months ago recording artist Brandon Heath was at a Kenyan clinic sharing information on breast-feeding with HIV-infected mothers. But on the day of this interview, Heath is in Dallas chatting on his cell phone from a Target parking lot only an hour before catching a plane toContinue reading “Brandon Heath: Missional Musician”

Questions, Pondering, Dreaming

I was chatting with my good friend, MaryBeth McCandless on AIM when she posted an interesting question to me–what would you change or do in your life right now if time, money, and self-confidence was totally plentiful? Questions about my dreams get my brain churning and my heart racing, especially when I have enough moneyContinue reading “Questions, Pondering, Dreaming”

An idea about a giving jar…

Lately, I’ve been thinking that wearing a “Save Darfur” bracelet isn’t enough. I only take my green rubber bracelet off to shower and it serves as a reminder to pray for the people of Darfur and others around the world in various afflictions. However, it’s not enough. So Sarah and I decided that we wouldContinue reading “An idea about a giving jar…”