My Dusty Ol’ Blog

It’s a little dusty here on the ol’ blog.   Yet the urge to run my fingers over the keyboard to share my heart with you is growing stronger every day.  Finally, this week is quieter, and I’ve discovered this moment–a pocket of peace in the midst of busyness.  My review copy of Andrew Peterson’sContinue reading “My Dusty Ol’ Blog”

If it makes you happy…

While I have not garnered many new writing techniques from my creative writing class, I have undergone a tremendous amount of self-discovery.  In this discovery of self, I have learned to find my “voice” as a writer (which I talked about last week on Atypical Musings).  According to my writing instructor, a writer’s voice isContinue reading “If it makes you happy…”

Anything But Sunny

Oh, my blogger friends, does anything anger you more than regular comments from anonymous posters?  I’ve had one that’s been coming by for a few months known only as “Sunshine”.  One time when I tried to e-mail “Sunshine,” the e-mail bounced back.  It seems his or her e-mail address was a phony…surprise, surprise! Sunshine’s commentsContinue reading “Anything But Sunny”

If I wasn’t a writer, I would be…

If I lived 200 years ago, I could be the woman writing with the quill in this painting. I was trying to think of some whimsical, light-hearted topic to share with the world, or maybe something insightful or amusing. Perhaps I’d go for a topic about God or the Bible to encourage everyone out there.Continue reading “If I wasn’t a writer, I would be…”

Stop Being a Jerk: Blog Comment Edition

Those out you who have blogs of your own know the joy of getting comments on your posts. When an e-mail arrives notifying you that you have a comment to moderate, your little heart leaps with joy. Gleefully, you open the e-mail only to discover that the “comment” is really an advertisement for steroids orContinue reading “Stop Being a Jerk: Blog Comment Edition”

A Note to International Readers

Since I installed this special contraption on my blog, I’ve been able to see where some of y’all reside. It’s been amazing to how many of you are from other countries like Australia and Great Britain, and even Thailand, Venezuela, Japan, and dozens of other countries. I feel honored that you would take the timeContinue reading “A Note to International Readers”

Does Al Qaeda blog?

That’s the question on my mind after I read this article about Al Qaeda’s considerable web presence.  The terrorist group now has anywhere from 5,600 to 17,000 websites with as many as 9,000 new ones popping up each year.  It’s hard to track the web activity of the group, because like their leader Osama binContinue reading “Does Al Qaeda blog?”