Black Friday:: My Bargain Shopper Strategy

Once a year across this great land of ours, millions of people arise way before the sun, their tummies still digesting turkey, and embark on the craziest day of shopping known to mankind—Black Friday.  Otherwise sweet and kind people turn into raving lunatics as they push and shove, grab and grope, and shop ‘til theyContinue reading “Black Friday:: My Bargain Shopper Strategy”

Black Friday–It’s Only Stuff

It’s no secret that Black Friday is my favorite shopping day of the year.  I love the excitement in the air, the conversations with random shoppers while waiting in lines, and nabbing some great deals from $2 DVD’s at Walmart (as well as a couple $6 and $9 ones for gifts) to my massive purchaseContinue reading “Black Friday–It’s Only Stuff”

Christmas Un-Wrapped:: Black Friday–Great Deals or Terrifying Chaos?

As millions of Americans arise early on Friday morning to head out to their favorite stories to find the best deals for their friends and family this Christmas, we decided to see if our Un-Rappers were doing the same. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT BLACK FRIDAY? GREAT DEALS OR TERRIFYING CHAOS? “Haha, my answer isContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped:: Black Friday–Great Deals or Terrifying Chaos?”

Only the Lonely Give Thanks Alone

The holidays are fast approaching, and I always anticipate them with a sense of dread–because I hate the day after Christmas.  There’s all this excitement in the air and then it’s over.  I hate that “over” feeling.  It sucks the life right out of me.  But this year, I’m not looking forward to the holidaysContinue reading “Only the Lonely Give Thanks Alone”