Submission = the art of working with

I know it’s past 10 on Monday night, but I wanted to tell you about my guest post over at  I’ve been delighted to take part in a group blogging project discussing L. L. Barkat’s book God In The Yard.  This week I responded to Barkat’s chapter on submission, which I’m sure you allContinue reading “Submission = the art of working with”

Friday Faves: The Eddy-and-Anastasia Edition

[Insert Friday Faves logo I have yet to make here.] My mom called me late this morning and dramatically declared, “I’m very disappointed in you!”  Being 31, I thought I was beyond caring what my mom thought, but I’m not.  I sort of rolled my eyes and asked her why.  As it turns out, sheContinue reading “Friday Faves: The Eddy-and-Anastasia Edition”

Friday Faves: The Josh-Wilson-Is-Coming-To-Town Edition

We will never forget you or your sacrifices to this nation.  We sincerely thank you and remember you on our prayers. *** It’s another Friday and we’re all still here, so I guess the Rapture didn’t happen.  I know that Scripture says no man, not even Jesus Himself, knows the hour or day, but partContinue reading “Friday Faves: The Josh-Wilson-Is-Coming-To-Town Edition”

Talking ‘Bout Gratitude with the Gang!

I am taking part of my first group blogging project with the fine folks over at  We are studying L.L. Bakrat’s book, God in the Yard: Spiritual Practice for the Rest of Us, which teaches new ways of understanding, worshiping, and interacting with God. A group of us signed up to write responses toContinue reading “Talking ‘Bout Gratitude with the Gang!”

Friday Faves:: Round Two

Well, happy Friday, friends!  If you’re here, then you’ve stumbled upon the second edition of Friday Faves, which is just like Oprah’s Favorite Things except you can’t win anything, there’s no studio audience, and I’m not Oprah.  So, actually this is nothing like Oprah’s Favorite Things. Last week, I mentioned the royal wedding of WillsContinue reading “Friday Faves:: Round Two”