Review: The Names of God Bible

I never read J.B. Phillips classic book, Your God Is Too Small, but I’ve always liked the title.  Using the illustration of “putting God in a box,” Phillips says that we as humans try to limit an infinite God with our finite minds.  One of the ways we “limit” God is by failing to understandContinue reading “Review: The Names of God Bible”

The Women of the Resurrection

In this pic, Jesus looks like He’s playing hide-and-seek with the women. I wanted to prepare this blog post sooner, but time is not on my side lately.  My family could definitely use your prayer.  Gosh, I could use your prayers.  However, better late than never, here’s the follow up to “The Women of theContinue reading “The Women of the Resurrection”

Book Review:: The Expanded Bible: New Testament

As a Bible study leader and avid student of the Word, I am always looking for resources that will enhance my understanding of Scripture—The Expanded Bible: New Testament (Thomas Nelson) is definitely one of those resources.  Using a modified New Century Version (NCV) translation of the Bible, scholars Dr. Tremper Longman, Dr. Mark L. Strauss,Continue reading “Book Review:: The Expanded Bible: New Testament”

Take 5 with Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like

Stuff Christians Like (SCL) is a fast-growing site that takes a satirical and honest view of Christian pop culture.  Started in March 2008, site founder Jon Acuff decided to put an evangelical twist on the wildly popular blog, Stuff White People Like.  Writing with wit and sensitivity, Acuff has engaged readers with over 500 (almostContinue reading “Take 5 with Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like”

WHAT?! Hitler’s Meim Kampf for Inspiration & Jimi Hendrix a Child’s Role Model?!

This is ridiculous!  First, business student in India are buying  Adolf Hitler’s autobiography for inspiration and now educators in San Francisco are hailing Jimi Hendrix as a great role model.  Is it me or has the world gone completely mad? To the students in India, Meim Kampf is not a book on business organization strategies,Continue reading “WHAT?! Hitler’s Meim Kampf for Inspiration & Jimi Hendrix a Child’s Role Model?!”

Why do gay people need to be married?

I’m serious; that is the question.  See, I can understand two homosexuals wanting to be united to show their love and commitment to one another through a ceremony of sorts.  I acknowledge that same-sex couples want a legal union that allows one’s partner to visit his or her beloved in the hospital, allows a partnerContinue reading “Why do gay people need to be married?”

Scribbles :: Yet We Believe

Originally, I wrote this post for my personal blog, but for some reason, it seemed to “fit” on Backseat Writer. It may still show up over on my personal soapbox; we shall see. By Amy Sondova I was going to read Psalm 46, my steadfast passage where I turn where I don’t know where elseContinue reading “Scribbles :: Yet We Believe”

Off to the Lonely Places

Today was a rough. I feel cranky, weary, and unsocialable. So blogging in such a “chipper” mood makes perfect sense. Or maybe it doesn’t. I’ve been impressed by Jesus’ need to go off to “lonely places” to pray and spend time with God when the crowds overwhelmed Him; that’s exactly what I’m going to doContinue reading “Off to the Lonely Places”


Today I was thinking that I sometimes say and write the stupidest things.  If my live was a movie, I could just yell, “Cut!” and play the scene over.  However, it’s more like reality television and the cameras just keep on rolling. I’d like to think my screw-ups are amusing, and at times, they’re, well,Continue reading “Gibberish”

Chris Taylor: Take Me Anywhere

By Amy Sondova Take Me Anywhere is more than the title of Chris Taylor’s debut album; it’s the motto of his life, which has been anything but typical. He surrendered his life to God in a car, not at an altar. He went to England to become a great worship leader and came back aContinue reading “Chris Taylor: Take Me Anywhere”