Hitchhiking with singer/songwriter Bebo Norman

It was with great anxiety and distress I awaited Bebo Norman’s scheduled phone call the morning after Labor Day.  Normally, I’m not like this, but then again, it’s not every day that I get to interview one of the singer/songwriters who has been so influential in my life.  The phone rang and I said aContinue reading “Hitchhiking with singer/songwriter Bebo Norman”

Take 5 with Jason Carson of The Supertones

When I was a teenager in the mid-to-late 90’s, the third wave ska movement was in full swing, especially in Christian music circles with bands like Five Iron Frenzy, the Insyderz, and of course, the Orange County Supertones.  A fan favorite, the Supertones released a bevy of radio hits including “Away From You,” “Little Man,”Continue reading “Take 5 with Jason Carson of The Supertones”

Take 5 with The Glorious Unseen

On a day of heavily anticipated new releases, The Glorious Unseen’s sophomore project, The Hope That Lies In You (BEC Recordings) could easily be overlooked, which is precisely why Backseat Writer is choosing to highlight this amazing album.  The Glorious Unseen’s music can technically be defined as worship, but it doesn’t let loose with theContinue reading “Take 5 with The Glorious Unseen”

Take 5 with Lori Isaacs-Mahon of Overture Media

If you’re looking for an interview with a BEC Recordings or Tooth & Nail Records recording artist or author Christa Banister, chances are that Lori Isaacs-Mahon of Overture Media is your go-to girl.  Working out of her Nashville home, Lori has been working in publicity for six years with artists such as TobyMac, The Afters,Continue reading “Take 5 with Lori Isaacs-Mahon of Overture Media”

Review:: Concept Album Comeback with The Decemberists and Falling Up

I like the idea of concept albums—tell a story, try something new, develop a “concept.”  However, I have a difficult time “getting” them.  Despite my ability to understand Shakespeare and Bob Dylan, I’m finding I need artists to lay it out for me when it comes to concept albums.  Of course, it doesn’t help thatContinue reading “Review:: Concept Album Comeback with The Decemberists and Falling Up”

Take 5 with Falling Up’s Jessy Ribordy

It’s a story contained in an album brought forth with the fusion of poetic verse and experimental rock.  It’s called Fangs and it’s the latest album from BEC Recording artist Falling Up.  Based on a story written by lead singer Jessy Ribordy, each song on Fangs is an observation of our hero’s journeys on aContinue reading “Take 5 with Falling Up’s Jessy Ribordy”

Jeremy Camp is Speaking Louder Than Before

By Amy Sondova Jeremy Camp is going where few artists have gone before…and it’s doing it loudly, very loudly with his latest release.  Speaking Louder Than Before (BEC) showcases a whole new set of worship ballads that show Camp’s vulnerability and his resolute devotion to God in the face of tribulation.  Some artists make musicContinue reading “Jeremy Camp is Speaking Louder Than Before”

Bebo Norman :: From the Ruins

Talking with Bebo Norman is like chatting with an old friend; except I’ve never met Bebo Norman. However, I’ve closely followed his career.  Easing into our phone interview with a joke, Bebo informed me that he’s running errands while he talks.  Moving into a safe icebreaker, we chat about his family and rearing of hisContinue reading “Bebo Norman :: From the Ruins”

Chris Taylor: Take Me Anywhere

By Amy Sondova Take Me Anywhere is more than the title of Chris Taylor’s debut album; it’s the motto of his life, which has been anything but typical. He surrendered his life to God in a car, not at an altar. He went to England to become a great worship leader and came back aContinue reading “Chris Taylor: Take Me Anywhere”

Review: Quiet Revolution–Telecast

Release Date: April 29 By Amy Sondova Telecast’s third album, Quiet Revolution (BEC) is a pleasant blend of piano and guitar hooks, unusual instrumentation, and quirky transitions. Far from being a pop-driven worship album, Quiet Revolution has a uniquely Brit-rock sound (complete with semi-British-sounding lead singer). Crafted by lead singer Josh White and producer ZachContinue reading “Review: Quiet Revolution–Telecast”