“Little Miss Perfect” and Pageant Moms

Have any of you checked out WEtv’s new show “Little Miss Perfect“?  It’s a look at the (often frigtening) world of children’s beauty pageants.   I caught the show last night and found myself horrified and amazed all at the same time.  I’m going to say it up front–pageant moms scare me.  It seems likeContinue reading ““Little Miss Perfect” and Pageant Moms”

Truly Bazaar–Camel Beauty Contests

Here’s one of the contenders bidding to be the most beautiful camel in all the world!  Deep in the heart of the desert, over 20,000 hopefuls line up for the honor that is given to only one hopeful, a title that is carried with prestige, and prizes values in the millions.  What is this contest,Continue reading “Truly Bazaar–Camel Beauty Contests”