Backseat Writer is on Spring Break!

After last week’s computer break down and next week’s GINORMOUS FUN, Backseat Writer is going on Spring Break this week.  Oh, I’ll be working behind the scenes, of course, so don’t be shocked if a post or two pops up.  But don’t count on it either! 🙂  Spring Break is all about fun, right? P.S.Continue reading “Backseat Writer is on Spring Break!”

My Private God Thoughts

Last night when I was supposed to be sleeping, I thought about my blog.  After a while I was tempted to turn my computer back on to write about the things in my mind.  But since I was attempting to get some shut eye, I refrained.  One of the thoughts I had repeatedly was this:Continue reading “My Private God Thoughts”

In the Headlights :: The Christian Manifesto

Have I ever told you about the fine folks at The Christian Manifesto?  No, but I should have.  Ever since Cal (that’s what I call C.E. Moore, founder and head honcho over at TCM), left a comment here on Backseat Writer, we became fast friends and decided that collaboration is the way to go.  AsContinue reading “In the Headlights :: The Christian Manifesto”

So much to say, so much to say!

This week I’m “unofficially” on vacation, which means I’m backing off from writing a bit to step back and consider the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Or it could be that Sarah has off all week and we’ve got great plans like an overnight beach trip with two of our pals! Well, whatever,Continue reading “So much to say, so much to say!”

Power in Weakness & Exceptional Songwriters

I’ve had a fairly busy week with meetings and interviews and all friends popping over. Anyway, despite my pounding sinus headaches that make me want to rip out my cheeks and that nagging anxiety, I’ve managed to press on but only because of God’s power being made perfect in my weakness. Yesterday I talked toContinue reading “Power in Weakness & Exceptional Songwriters”

Just wanted to say THANKS

To all you lovely people, As cheesy as it sounds, I just wanted to sincerely take the time to thank all the people who have been supporting Backseat Writer. Honestly, I thought it would be a plunky little blog out there in a world of many, but you guys keep coming to the site, addingContinue reading “Just wanted to say THANKS”

Update on My Life

I took this picture one day, played with the colorization on Photoshop, and thought, dang, it evokes the feeling of moving upward, so I posted it here. A few of you out there in blogosphere land are probably wondering, “What’s going on with Amy?  She hasn’t mentioned much about her personal happenings in a while.” Continue reading “Update on My Life”


I was perusing the Internet to see what hip new resources are out there for “kids” who cut. There were a lot of superficial one-pagers on health sites offering “advice” for questions that kids who cut ask like, how do I stop cutting? Why do I cut? Where do I get help? and so on.Continue reading “Cutting//Emo//Hope//God”

Growing Something New

A big thanks to my garden spade for starring in this picture…and also for getting stuck in my leg last summer causing a puncture wound. I realize I just threw a link on here to Backseat Writer without really explaining the passion or the story behind the site. I know that some of you comeContinue reading “Growing Something New”