Take 10 with Shane Barnard of Shane & Shane

One of my favorite duos, Shane & Shane, released their seventh career studio project Everything Is Different (Inpop) on November 3.  Chock full of the acoustic strings, lyrics drenched with Scripture, and the melodic vocal blends that Shane Barnard and Shane Everett are praised, Everything Is Different is the first album the duo released sinceContinue reading “Take 10 with Shane Barnard of Shane & Shane”

Take 10 with spunk rocker Paige Armstong

Since Backseat Writer’s inception, people have been asking me to add audio interviews to the site.  Well, dear friends, the day has come!  My latest creation is called “Take 10”–a 10 minute audio interview with artists, bands, authors, and whoever else wants to talk to me.  To do this, my best friend & roomie SarahContinue reading “Take 10 with spunk rocker Paige Armstong”

Take 5 with Sarah Reeves

Self-proclaimed lover of hats and hair dye, singer Sarah Reeves is the quintessential teenager…with a record deal. Oozing genuine humility, Sarah’s as sweet as can be, and yet one she starts singing—her inhibitions are let loose on her debut album, Sweet Sweet Sound. The album’s title track has even been endorsed by teen star, SelenaContinue reading “Take 5 with Sarah Reeves”

Take 5 with Abandon

I’ve never heard a band discovery story like Abandon’s so when I interviewed lead singer Josh Engler for The Christian Manifesto (Listen to “Profess Interview with Abandon”), I asked him to retell the story.  Sure enough, it was true.  EMI CMG Director of A&R Chris York heard Abandon rockin’ out while dining at a restaurantContinue reading “Take 5 with Abandon”

Take 5 with Falling Up’s Jessy Ribordy

It’s a story contained in an album brought forth with the fusion of poetic verse and experimental rock.  It’s called Fangs and it’s the latest album from BEC Recording artist Falling Up.  Based on a story written by lead singer Jessy Ribordy, each song on Fangs is an observation of our hero’s journeys on aContinue reading “Take 5 with Falling Up’s Jessy Ribordy”

Bebo Norman :: From the Ruins

Talking with Bebo Norman is like chatting with an old friend; except I’ve never met Bebo Norman. However, I’ve closely followed his career.  Easing into our phone interview with a joke, Bebo informed me that he’s running errands while he talks.  Moving into a safe icebreaker, we chat about his family and rearing of hisContinue reading “Bebo Norman :: From the Ruins”