Beth Moore Says So Long to Insecurity + Book Tour

Tyndale House, Carol Stream IL–“Our gender has arguably battled insecurity since Eve ripped the first leaf from a tree in the Garden, but our culture has turned a wound into a gorge,” Beth Moore acknowledges. “We desperately need a new way to look at ourselves, and my hope is that we will find authentic helpContinue reading “Beth Moore Says So Long to Insecurity + Book Tour”

Blog Action Day:: Poverty Sucks

Last year when I was at a convention in Atlanta, I got a free shirt that reads, “Poverty Sucks.” The irony was that while I was in the city, I learned how much poverty really does suck as I walked a mile from my hotel to the convention center each day. Each time I wasContinue reading “Blog Action Day:: Poverty Sucks”

Tornado in Downtown Atlanta

This AP photo shows damage in front of the CNN Center, which is next to the GWCC (conference center) and the Omni Hotel (where many people from NYWC stayed). For the full photo essay, click here. Having just been to Atlanta in November for the National Youth Workers Convention, I was horrified to see theContinue reading “Tornado in Downtown Atlanta”

NYWC: Freebies

Sadly, this is probably my last post about all the happenings at National Youth Workers Convention. The rest of the blogging world has moved on, and I suppose that I should, too. However, I would hate to leave you all with the impression that I’m a woman who doesn’t keep her promises. Therefore, I amContinue reading “NYWC: Freebies”

NYWC: Lisa and Family Force 5

This is Lisa (wearing the scarf I made for her). This is Lisa after she spilled her drink the second time in the Hard Rock Cafe. There is a force in the universe known as Lisa Alexander, who I’ve had the privilege of knowing for several years, but I finally got to meet and hangContinue reading “NYWC: Lisa and Family Force 5”

NYWC: I met Derek Webb!

I had two dreams. Well, to be honest, I probably have more than that. But in recent weeks I’ve talked about two dreams I’ve had–to interview a Capitol Records band and to interview my favorite musician. I blogged a couple of weeks ago about my interview with Relient K, who just so happen to beContinue reading “NYWC: I met Derek Webb!”

NYWC: Youth Workers Gone Wild

What happens when 6000 youth workers come to a Sunday evening General Session at National Youth Workers Convention to find foam finger blasters on their chairs? Watch below to find out. This documentary was filmed by me and stars Adam, Lisa, Mel, Chris, Todd (who’s posting on his blog from his cell phone), Patti, andContinue reading “NYWC: Youth Workers Gone Wild”

Sorry, I failed you.

I had every intention of blogging from National Youth Workers Convention whilst I was in Atlanta, but I just didn’t have time. By the time I arrived back at my hotel room after a day of meeting people, interviewing, screaming at general sessions, and being perky–I was spent. Typing a few words was beyond me,Continue reading “Sorry, I failed you.”

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

Tomorrow I’m leaving on a jet plane headed to Atlanta for the National Youth Workers Convention. Yup, it’s gonna be honey bunches of fun. And while I don’t enjoy rainy weather, I do hope the city will be blessed with buckets of water due to the city’s water shortage. I’ll be blogging from the convention,Continue reading “Leaving on a Jet Plane…”