Anne Jackson Gives Others Permission to Speak Freely

Author Anne Jackson is a refreshingly honest person.  And it’s that refreshing honesty she brings to her latest book, Permission to Speak Freely, a combination of essays, poetry, and artistic confession (read review).   Her message to readers is simple—you are not alone.  Delivering the message via her book was a two year process that beganContinue reading “Anne Jackson Gives Others Permission to Speak Freely”

Book Review:: Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson

“What is one thing you feel you can’t say in church?”  It’s a question author Anne Jackson posed on her blog, receiving a worldwide response.  Readers mailed hundreds of confessions, some artistic, some simply written on index cards to Jackson who cataloged the responses on  Jackson uses these artistic avowals along with essays andContinue reading “Book Review:: Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson”

True Confessions Friday:: My style is organized mess.

I try my best to be an organized—everything in its place and all that.  But I just don’t have enough space.  I share a two bedroom apartment with my best friend so my work area just so happens to be in my bedroom.  Space is at a minimum.  And, I confess, I’m a bit ofContinue reading “True Confessions Friday:: My style is organized mess.”

Hitchhiking with ASBO Jesus Founder Jon Birch

All cartoons are courtesy of ASBO Jesus’ Jon Birch.  Click on the image to view the cartoon in full, and check out all of Jon’s work at By Amy Sondova ASBO Jesus is a phenomenon not even founder Jon Birch saw coming.  His site speaks about controversial issues in the church such as femaleContinue reading “Hitchhiking with ASBO Jesus Founder Jon Birch”


In case you’re wondering what I do on Friday nights… I assure you that I’m at home making stuff like this.  I call it “Peepatopian Pirates”.  Notice that both Peep chicks and bunnies are represented in this piece, as well as jellybean treasure, and of course, Easter egg treasure chests.  The cost of all theContinue reading “MY PEEP SHOW”

Peepin’ In Spring: Peep Still Life Photography

“Peeps: Relief” by Brienne Joubert Brienne Joubert, a professional photograph has brought Peeps to life (err…still life) in her work. Using Peeps and product placement, Joubert has produced a humorous gallery of photography honoring the marshmallow candy in a stylish manner. “Peeps: Toothpaste” by Brienne Joubert  “Peeps: Powder” by Brienne Joubert See also “Peeps: Cottonballs”Continue reading “Peepin’ In Spring: Peep Still Life Photography”