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She Lived and She Was Loved

9 Apr

Today is April 9.  On this day in 1918, a baby was born.  She was named Dorothy June Patterson and she grew up to marry her high school sweetheart, who perished in WW2.  Eventually, she was introduced to another fella by the name of Edwin.  They were engaged after only six weeks and were married over 50 years.  Dorothy or “Dot” as she was called had two children–a girl and a boy.  She didn’t do anything extraordinary besides cooking, cleaning, taking care of her house, and loving those around her.  Society wouldn’t hail her as a hero, just another good person.

But she was extraordinary.  She could make the best potato salad and baked beans anyone ever tasted.  When one of her daughter’s friends needed clothing, she made it herself.  And when the grandchildren came, she would lavish attention on them.  She could fold little birds out of paper and play a good game of Old Maid with her granddaughter.

I’m proud to say that Dorothy June (Patterson) Landis is my grandmother.  She died on July 31, 2005, but if she was still alive, she would be 91.  I just wanted to remember her on this, her special day, to tell you all that she lived and that she was loved.

And she is loved and I miss her.  Although I bet the birthday cake in Heaven is way better than the stuff they make around here.  Have a good birthday with Jesus, Grammy!

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