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Tom Cruise Scientology Video

20 Jan

A few weeks ago Tom Cruise did a very bizarre interview about his beliefs on scientology. While I’m not a proponent of scientology, I can see how what Christians say could also be construed as “crazy”. I mean, we do believe God came to earth in the person of Jesus, hung out with the dregs of society, was killed, rose again, went to where He came from, and is coming back again. The bottom line–I am a Christian and affirm the Apostles Creed, but I wonder if we seem as nuts as Tom Cruise. Probably.

Although, Cruise seems a bit deranged in the clip below (and watch the spoof because it’s even better). I mean, his statements seem to be rambling statements that have no context. Then again, have you watched “The 700 Club” lately? My point is this–any views seem crazy to outsiders; however, we need to explain our beliefs to people in ways they can understand. Oh, and if someone interviews you, don’t just start randomly laughing. It’s creepy.

It’s my hope that Christians really will be known by our love, not by the ridiculous statements issues by our “leaders”.

OK, as promised, here’s the Tom Cruise scientology video. It’s a little under 10 minutes, and it’s pretty boring. Someone added some fun music and a voice over to this clip.

Here’s a spoof some guy made, which is a lot more interesting that Tom Cruise’s actual interview…

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