Review:: X: Christmas – Tooth and Nail Records

By Moriah Coxen Anytime you ask a rock ‘n’ roll band to cover a classic Christmas song, you’re going to get something interesting.  Tooth and Nail Records’ (T&N) X: Christmas compilation, a follow-up to Happy Christmas, is no exception. Creativity:: 10 This album does not disappoint with The Almost (Aaron Gillespie) covering “The Little DrummerContinue reading “Review:: X: Christmas – Tooth and Nail Records”

Review:: Sing: A Christmas EP – Josh Wilson

By Amy Sondova Sparrow recording artist Josh Wilson (who is one of our Christmas Un-Rappers) likes to create, so despite releasing a debut album in April, he began work on several Christmas projects in July.  One of those projects was a digital album, Sing: A Christmas EP. Consider it Josh’s contribution to the world ofContinue reading “Review:: Sing: A Christmas EP – Josh Wilson”