Friday Faves: Heart Sick Edition

Welcome to another fine edition of Friday Faves here at Backseat Writer.  Please look to the left side of your screen and notice the cute image indicating that this is a “Friday Faves” post.  I designed it on the fly so I wouldn’t have to type “insert logo here” again.  While I would prefer aContinue reading “Friday Faves: Heart Sick Edition”

Friday Faves: The Eddy-and-Anastasia Edition

[Insert Friday Faves logo I have yet to make here.] My mom called me late this morning and dramatically declared, “I’m very disappointed in you!”  Being 31, I thought I was beyond caring what my mom thought, but I’m not.  I sort of rolled my eyes and asked her why.  As it turns out, sheContinue reading “Friday Faves: The Eddy-and-Anastasia Edition”

Tuned Out:: Amy Courts’ New Song “I Wanna Know”

This week my friend and musician Amy Courts premiered her new song “I Wanna Know” on her blog and Facebook page.  She graciously allowed me to share the song with you.  You can read the full story behind the song at Amy’s Blog.  I’m certain that Amy would also like me to mention the MochaContinue reading “Tuned Out:: Amy Courts’ New Song “I Wanna Know””

Power in Weakness & Exceptional Songwriters

I’ve had a fairly busy week with meetings and interviews and all friends popping over. Anyway, despite my pounding sinus headaches that make me want to rip out my cheeks and that nagging anxiety, I’ve managed to press on but only because of God’s power being made perfect in my weakness. Yesterday I talked toContinue reading “Power in Weakness & Exceptional Songwriters”