The “American Idol” elimination show is still going on, but I had to let everyone know that Brooke White is…SAFE! Who knows who’s getting thrown off, but it’s neither of the Davids or Brooke! Next week’s mentor is Neil Diamond and I’m sure that Brooke will do well. I knew those 200 votes would payContinue reading “BROOKE IS SAFE!!!”

Absolute Randomness

I put “randomness” as a search term on Google images and this is one of the pics that came up. It’s sort of funny and sort of mean. I’d rather throw M&M’s or blow bubbles at people myself. One of the main drawbacks with writing from home is that I’m so easily distracted. I mean,Continue reading “Absolute Randomness”

A Screechy Night on AI

Poor Simon! I think they should add me to the panel. When I heard that Mariah Carey was this week’s mentor on “American Idol”, I knew it could only spell disaster for most of the contestants. I mean, really, “Mariah Carey Night”??! What were the producers thinking? Or maybe it was a Randy Jackson decisionContinue reading “A Screechy Night on AI”

TiVo Was Wrong!

SYESHA IS SAFE!!! Looks like TiVo isn’t locked in on the pulse of “American Idol” fans after all. In tonight’s shocking elimination, Aussie rocker Michael Johns was sent home. Ironically, his rendition of “Dream On” was better tonight than on Tuesday night. There was an audible gasp from the crowd and the judges (minus Simon)Continue reading “TiVo Was Wrong!”

TiVo’s Predicts Weekly “Idol” Outcome

The title of the post is a bit long, but it’s a lot nicer than “TiVo Predict’s ‘Idol’ Loser”. That just sounds mean! Week after week, TiVo has been able to accurately predict who gets canned on the “American Idol” elimination shows…and tonight’s victim is…SYESHA! (Full story) At least it’s not Brooke…phew! I knew thoseContinue reading “TiVo’s Predicts Weekly “Idol” Outcome”

Idol Gives Back Recap

If like me, you found yourself wasting two and a half hours watching mind-numbing entertainment tonight, you just may have been tuned in to Fox’s “American Idol: Idol Gives Back”. To be fair, it was probably a total of half an hour of entertainment, an hour of in-house ads about charitable orgs and celebrities tellingContinue reading “Idol Gives Back Recap”

Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Gay?!

“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest looking very manly, and not metro. All these years, I thought the poster boy for metrosexuals everywhere was also a homosexual. Although Ryan Seacrest has dulled down his wardrobe for Season 7 of “American Idol”, I thought it was merely to look “less gay”. I know that sounds so terriblyContinue reading “Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Gay?!”

Mo Rocca & Marky Ramone watch “American Idol”

Here’s a picture from Mo’s Blog of Mo and former AI contestant Chikezie  (I love his orange trainers) posing by Jay Leno’s car (read about the antics of Mo and Chikezie). I‘m sort of offended that I’m not on Mo’s blog roll, but I’ll live. Sigh. I first encountered Mo Rocca’s amusing banter when IContinue reading “Mo Rocca & Marky Ramone watch “American Idol””

Why I Cheer Her On:: American Idol’s Brooke White

Not her best photo, but stunning nonetheless. I haven’t talked “American Idol” in a while. It’s probably because I’m tired of getting those silly e-mails about how I’m a horrible person because I don’t like so and so or because I think this or that. I mean, really, it’s a T.V. show–there’s no need forContinue reading “Why I Cheer Her On:: American Idol’s Brooke White”

“You’re Eliminated!”

Sorry for the typo on the title–very embarrassing.  You’re supposed to hide typos within the body of the text so no one notices them.  Thanks to my mom for pointing out my glaring error. 🙂 I know I said I wasn’t going to watch “American Idol” after the unjust treatment of Josiah Leming and KyleContinue reading ““You’re Eliminated!””