Buy Matthew West for $1.99…OK, his album SOMETHING TO SAY.

I want to make sure that everyone in all the world knows about this great deal.  You can get Matthew West’s best-selling album for just short of $2.  I probably should own this album, but I just bought it for the low, low price of $1.99.  See, sometimes the late bird gets the worm, too.Continue reading “Buy Matthew West for $1.99…OK, his album SOMETHING TO SAY.”

Josh Wilson for $1.99

For today and today only (that’s Feb. 4) you, yes you, can download Josh Wilson’s debut album, “Trying to Fit the Oceam in a Cup” for $1.99 on (click here).   A deal like that makes me want to download the album five times (because when something’s on sale, my mind immediately thinks, “IContinue reading “Josh Wilson for $1.99”

Amy’s Favorite Things (Take that, Oprah!)

By Amy Sondova Every year, Oprah Winfrey features a few of her favorite things on her daytime talk show (“Oprah’s Favorite Things“) and then adorns the audience with each and every one of her favorite things.  Well, I’m not Oprah, and therefore, cannot give all Backseat Writer’s readers samples of everything that I adore.  ButContinue reading “Amy’s Favorite Things (Take that, Oprah!)”

Review:: A Hundred Million Suns – Snow Patrol

By Amy Sondova Everything’s better when it’s free—that’s my mantra.  However, downloading Snow Patrol’s brand spankin’ new album A Hundred Million Suns from for a mere $3.99 was an offer even I couldn’t refuse (click here to buy download or here for CD).  As the strains of the first song, “If There’s a RocketContinue reading “Review:: A Hundred Million Suns – Snow Patrol”

Do Some “Drive-By Shopping” with Backseat Writer!

Some of you astute readers may have noticed that Backseat Writer’s sidebars have been updated to include a small graphic in the upper left corner that reads “DRIVE-BY SHOPPING with Backseat Writer!”  Those of you who are really curious may have clicked the icon and traveled across the world wide web to our brand newContinue reading “Do Some “Drive-By Shopping” with Backseat Writer!”

Absolute Randomness

I put “randomness” as a search term on Google images and this is one of the pics that came up. It’s sort of funny and sort of mean. I’d rather throw M&M’s or blow bubbles at people myself. One of the main drawbacks with writing from home is that I’m so easily distracted. I mean,Continue reading “Absolute Randomness”

Faith For Sale

By Amy Sondova All I wanted to do was duck in quick and make a clean getaway. I was braving a trip to a local Christian bookstore to get present for my best friend. Since I waited too long, I couldn’t just order her something fantastic from (oh, and justify buying a CD forContinue reading “Faith For Sale”