If You Like Death Cab For Cutie…

Yes, this is the actual album cover, which has nothing to do with stairs, but lots to do with random strips of color. …then you’ll like the review I wrote about their latest album, Narrow Stairs, which was posted last week on Burnside Writers Collection. Review the review here. Don’t they look like nice boys?Continue reading “If You Like Death Cab For Cutie…”

Review: Running Back to You–Chris Sligh

Album Release: May 6 By Amy Sondova From his wild curly hair to his off-the-beaten-path look, Chris Sligh seemed an unlikely candidate for “American Idol” Season 6, yet he managed to slip by thousands even making the show’s Top 10. Less than a year later, Sligh releases Running Back to You on indie label BrashContinue reading “Review: Running Back to You–Chris Sligh”