UnWrapping Christmas:: Have you peeked at your presents?

Ah, who can fight the temptation of looking for those presents tucked away around the house?  For some of our Un-Rappers, peeking at presents is a Christmas tradition.  For the record, when Amy discovered her cache of loot one year, she also received a Princess Jasmine (and Aladdin) doll, just like Franny. HAVE YOU EVERContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas:: Have you peeked at your presents?”

Christmas Un-Wrapped:: What’s the best gift you’ve given?

An undeniable part of the Christmas tradition involves gift giving and receiving, so we asked our Un-Rappers what was one of the best presents they gave someone else to, uh, unwrap. WHAT IS ONE OF THE BEST PRESENTS YOU’VE GIVEN TO SOMEONE ELSE? Wow.  What makes a present good?  I’d like to think thoughtfulness, notContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped:: What’s the best gift you’ve given?”

Take 5 with Adam McInnis

By Alyssa Bjornstad Adam McInnis’s debut album, Wherever You Are, (DPR) fuses atypical sounds to create a unique flavor of rock/gospel/funk. On the eve of his album’s release, Adam agreed to a “Take 5.” How did you get your musical start? I guess everyone has different views on when music started for them. For someContinue reading “Take 5 with Adam McInnis”