The Church is a Hospital, Part 2

In my first “The Church is a Hospital” post, I talked about how the church should function as a hospital, but often does not.  I also introduced you to my friend, who was treated poorly by the church “triage” team.  While the church as an institution got it wrong, the Church as a people surroundedContinue reading “The Church is a Hospital, Part 2”

The Church is a Hospital

Recently, I attended a local church. As I read the bulletin, I noticed a mission statement of sorts on the back that started out stating, “The church is a hospital.” Immediately, I wondered if the mission statement was inspired by the late Mike Yaconelli who wrote in Messy Spirituality, “The church is a hospital forContinue reading “The Church is a Hospital”

Tuned Out:: Amy Courts’ New Song “I Wanna Know”

This week my friend and musician Amy Courts premiered her new song “I Wanna Know” on her blog and Facebook page.  She graciously allowed me to share the song with you.  You can read the full story behind the song at Amy’s Blog.  I’m certain that Amy would also like me to mention the MochaContinue reading “Tuned Out:: Amy Courts’ New Song “I Wanna Know””

Take 5 with Kutless

By Amy Sondova Since emerging on the music scene with their debut in 2002, Kutless has became a staple in the Christian music industry combining their rock/metal sound with praise worship on their latest project, To Know That You’re Alive (read BSW’s review). Despite hectic summer touring, Kutless lead singer Jon Micah Sumrall took theContinue reading “Take 5 with Kutless”

Restraining Orders Are A Joke

Not only are restraining orders extremely hard to obtain, they’re fairly useless. Sure, if the person being restrained violates the order he or she can be carted off the jail (more likely, slapped on the wrist), but that’s once the police get there. And when a woman is being beat or attacked, two minutes canContinue reading “Restraining Orders Are A Joke”

Does Marines Abuse of Puppy Indicate More?

I grew up around a lot of animals–turtles, hamsters, dogs, snakes, elephants, lions, and walruses to name a few (OK, I made up the elephants, lions, and walruses). Whether a squirrel in the park or the cat in our house (that won’t stay off the counter), animals are a part of our everyday lives. ManyContinue reading “Does Marines Abuse of Puppy Indicate More?”

Comic Books Inform Kids about Sexual Predators

A angel who looks more like Barbie wearing a wig is one of the characters featured in a new comic/coloring book series put together by the Archdiocese of New York to help kids learn about sexual predators (story here). This is perhaps the best quote from the AP article, “In a comic book version forContinue reading “Comic Books Inform Kids about Sexual Predators”