Photo Essay:: Sierra Madre Fires

A good friend of mine, Dirk Bolle, who lives in Arcadia, Cali. took brilliant photographs of the recent Sierra Madre fires that were less than a mile from his home. Fortunately, the fires are now under control. A native to California used to the fires, Dirk was about half a mile away from the mountainsContinue reading “Photo Essay:: Sierra Madre Fires”

Photography:: Bike Shop

“BIke Shop” by Charis Lykins Charis Lykins likes photography, cooking, writing, listening and playing music, ultimate frisbee, and being outdoors. Charis also sings on the worship team and plans to take over the world.  She has a thing for sporks and thinks that sporks should be used more in public life(OK, Amy made that partContinue reading “Photography:: Bike Shop”

Ripped Apart: Helping Teens Through Divorce

By Amy Sondova Is it my fault? I was haunted by the question. Whether sitting in a college class learning about women’s literature or hanging out with friends, it hit me. Before the rush of emotion crested, I would race to the nearest bathroom, lock myself into a stall, and weep. Once I regained myContinue reading “Ripped Apart: Helping Teens Through Divorce”

Supersonic Sunny Day

By Amy Sondova I’m intrigued by trees–their shape, form, and shadows. I took this shot and then played with it on Photoshop. Since it’s winter, the grass is actually a dull brown, but now it looks like a sunny day on Mars. Note from Amy: By the way, you can contribute your own photos (withContinue reading “Supersonic Sunny Day”

When She’s Been Raped

By Amy Sondova, M.A. It’s a statistic that no youth worker wants to read—60% of all rape victims are under the age of 18. And that’s just of the rapes that are reported. Vast numbers of nameless boys and girls will never fall into any statistic because their stories are locked within their minds andContinue reading “When She’s Been Raped”

When Cutting Comes to Church

By Amy Sondova, M.A. When Cutting Comes to Church: A Guide for Youth Workers is a manual for youth workers who are working with students who self injure. Because cutting still remains largely a female problem, this manual addresses it as such. To get receive a PDF copy of this manual, When Cutting Comes Home:Continue reading “When Cutting Comes to Church”