Updated Review Policy and My Love Note to the FTC

Hear ye, hear ye!  I have updated parts of Backseat Writer’s Review Policy and added a bit of plain speak to my FTC Disclosure.  Read on, you know you want to… REVIEW POLICY Request for reviews/interview/marriage proposals can be sent to amy@backseatwriter.com. Why, yes, I would love to review your album, book, movie, or product! Continue reading “Updated Review Policy and My Love Note to the FTC”

Take 10 with Seabird’s Ryan Morgan

Let me get something out of the way—my interview with Ryan Morgan of Seabird is not at all fair and balanced.  Since I heard band’s debut album, Til We See the Shore in 2008, I’ve been a Seabird mega-fan.  Naturally, I was very excited to talk to the band’s guitarist, Ryan Morgan (big bro toContinue reading “Take 10 with Seabird’s Ryan Morgan”

Take 10 with To Save A Life’s Randy Wayne

Randy Wayne is definitely crush material.  So don’t be surprised when the teen girls in your life gush about this personable actor after seeing To Save A Life, which releases in theaters nationwide on Jan. 22.  Randy plays Jake Taylor, a popular basketball player with a cheerleader girlfriend, you know, the typical kid that allContinue reading “Take 10 with To Save A Life’s Randy Wayne”

Take 10 with Phil Wickham

A creator of musical masterpieces, Phil Wickham released his third studio album, Heaven and Earth (INO/Columbia), in November to critical acclaim.   The record’s message to Christians is that they’re part of an eternal story in which they were created by God with a purpose and a future.  To kick the new year off right, IContinue reading “Take 10 with Phil Wickham”

Take 10 with Shane Barnard of Shane & Shane

One of my favorite duos, Shane & Shane, released their seventh career studio project Everything Is Different (Inpop) on November 3.  Chock full of the acoustic strings, lyrics drenched with Scripture, and the melodic vocal blends that Shane Barnard and Shane Everett are praised, Everything Is Different is the first album the duo released sinceContinue reading “Take 10 with Shane Barnard of Shane & Shane”

Take 10 with spunk rocker Paige Armstong

Since Backseat Writer’s inception, people have been asking me to add audio interviews to the site.  Well, dear friends, the day has come!  My latest creation is called “Take 10”–a 10 minute audio interview with artists, bands, authors, and whoever else wants to talk to me.  To do this, my best friend & roomie SarahContinue reading “Take 10 with spunk rocker Paige Armstong”