Movie Review :: Mamma Mia!

By Amy Sondova Get the girls together and spend a steamy afternoon at a matinee performance of Mamma Mia! which hit theaters on July 18. Based on the blockbuster musical which is based on the songs of Swedish mega-pop group, ABBA, Mamma Mia! is a laugh riot. Twenty year-old Sophie (Allentown native Amanda Seyfried) dreamsContinue reading “Movie Review :: Mamma Mia!”

I Rented August Rush (movie review)

By Amy Sondova While August Rush is definitely a cool name for a musician, it’s a terrible movie. Maybe I’m just not into feel-good films that have a limited grasp on reality unless they’re in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I’m not sure how to classify August Rush except to reemphasize the fact it wasted two hoursContinue reading “I Rented August Rush (movie review)”

I Rented…Charlie Bartlett (Movie Review)

By Amy Sondova—Charlie Bartlett (2007) Rated R–Charlie Bartlett, (Anton Yelchin), just wants to make friends; he just goes about it the wrong way. After being kicked out of prep school (again), he enrolls in public high school. Riding the short bus to school and wearing a suit jacket with a crest, it seems obvious thatContinue reading “I Rented…Charlie Bartlett (Movie Review)”

Paper Clips & Prejudice

“Happiness makes me cry more than anything else.”–Holocaust Survivor speaking in Paper Clips By Amy Sondova Little known fact–I am really into documentaries, nature shows, and reading memoirs. I love to learn about the rich history of the planet, the intricacies of our world, and the stories of other humans. So I decided to rentContinue reading “Paper Clips & Prejudice”

The Ordinary Radicals: A Guest Post

Have you ever read a movie review for a movie that nobody — including the review author — has ever seen? No? Well buckle your seat belts kiddos, there’s a first time for everything… Ahh Christianity in America. Quite the popular topic among, well, Americans. And not only Americans who claim to be Christians. IContinue reading “The Ordinary Radicals: A Guest Post”

Review: The Secret Things of God with Dr. Henry Cloud

Released 3.11.08 By Amy Sondova With the best-selling book under his belt, Dr. Henry Cloud reintroduces the basic concepts of The Secret Things of God in this teaching DVD. Cloud, who co-authored the Boundaries books series, brings his skills as a psychologist and theologian together to address the inner longing of humans from both aContinue reading “Review: The Secret Things of God with Dr. Henry Cloud”