Through the fat lens

A few weeks ago, I wrote one of the most real and blog posts of my entire life.  It’s about my lifelong struggle to define myself despite being “fat.” It’s about how I see myself and expect that everyone else sees and judges me through the lens of “fat.” Most of all, it’s about how despite the changes I’ve made, I still struggle to see myself as more than “just that fat girl.”



It’s a slow death, which happens in a million little ways.

At first, it’s just the teasing by classmates and later, social ridicule since making fun of fat people never goes out of style. Then it’s trying to find clothes that not only fit, but are affordable and even fashionable. Finally, it’s the things you want to do, but just can’t, like fit comfortably in an airplane seat or tour Europe or walking up a flight of stairs without losing your breath.

It’s the swollen feet that make finding adorable shoes more difficult.

It’s grabbing another purse when want you really want is a pretty little dress to wear to church. The purse can fit you; the dress cannot….

{read on at Faith Reboot}


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