Baby Soft Hearts on Faith Reboot

Friends, today I’m blogging over at Faith Reboot with Brittney, which is an excellent blog Brittney Switala of HisRadio.  I’m hoping some day she’ll help me realize my dream of becoming a radio personality (I’m only half-kidding about that, Britt!), but for now, she has graciously asked me to be one of the contributing writers on her blog.  

I join you to check out Faith Reboot for not only my blog post, but Brittney’s great material as well as the other ladies contributing to the blog every Thursday.  These posts  will hopefully hit you straight in the heart and reboot your spirit.

Here’s an excerpt from my post, “A Renewal of Heart and Soul”: “

“For the renewed heart to grow, for it to strongly beat, for it to be fully alive, it must experience all things—heartbreak, joy, loss, gratitude, and more.

The difference between the renewed heart and the jaded heart is simply one of choice.  Will I commit to allowing God to use me, to grow me, and to change me into the person He wants me to be or do I choose swallow me up—to hide my light under a boulder, hide inside myself, and pretend the loneliness isn’t slowly destroying me?”

Read on:

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