God will redeem this

Sometimes life just hurts.  Today is like that.

I waited for almost 40 days to bring home my new shih tzu puppy.  I was ecstatic, proudly showing her photos to anyone who seemed remotely interested. 

I brought her home last Wednesday, and today she is going to a new home with a middle school girl who will give her everything that this dear little puppy needs.

The main reason I had to re-home my puppy is because she was crying and shrieking like a wild banshee for most of the night since BFF Sarah and I brought her home.  Since we live in an apartment, not only were we sleep-deprived, so were our neighbors.  Therefore, with much prayer and trepidation, I gave her up–my puppy, my dream, my much-anticipated birthday present.  But I know that God will use her to bring joy to someone else and she will be a blessing.

Naturally, I am upset…devastated really.  I lost my senior dog in January and now this.  Fortunately, I serve a God who binds up broken hearts, and I know He is holding me close right now.  Please pray for me and Sarah as we grieve the loss, pray for the family who is getting this puppy, and also pray for the puppy herself.

I thought about glossing over this issue, not saying a word, or just hiding my pain.  But I choose to be transparent, to let you see me raw because I so desperately need your prayers.  Also, this is real life; I don’t want to hide my reality. 

As always, thank you for your understanding, faithful prayers, and for standing by me through was seems like a whirlwind.  And I thought 2012 was going to be a better year. But who knows what God is doing with all this?  I do know that He takes ashes and makes beauty, that He redeems all things.

7 thoughts on “God will redeem this

  1. I’m so sorry you have to go through this, Amy. It’s so hard with a brand new puppy because you never know what their temperament will be and if they’ll fit into your situation. I know you did the right thing but it hurts. It just hurts. I will pray for comfort for you.

  2. Amy nice (but sad) to read what you shared. It truly is when we share these ‘little’ things that we realize how big God is. Having a family who have had a few pets come and go I know the feeling.

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