A Crown (Lengthening) & All Things Are New

Right now, I’m between appointments (it’s one of those Mondays). This morning I saw my family doctor, which went surprisingly well…and I don’t have to go through that torment again until mid-June. Then it’s off to my weekly “mental health” appointment (y’all know where I’m going with that), and finally, I get to top off the afternoon with a crown lengthening at 2:15 EST. It’s the latter that scares me the most, especially because MOST people have never heard of such a procedure. Basically, a periodontist is going to play with my gums so that a permanent crown can be permanently affixed to my tooth. It’s going to hurt. A lot. But since I don’t have a hot date for Valentine’s Day this year, I thought oral surgery could be a fun alternative.
We all know what happened last time when I got a root canal on the tooth—a horrible infection that lasted a month and a half as well as being diagnosed with TMJD. Let’s hope for a better outcome this time. Still, I know that God is with me. It seems like a pithy statement that doesn’t need much thought, doesn’t it? But think about it—God is with me! God is with you! Today, tomorrow, always, forever! I just love the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I recently read the book Forgotten God by Francis Chan, which is a really interested little book about the Holy Spirit. Thanks for the Christmas present, Shari!
Speaking of my friend Shari…I discovered a few weeks ago that she writes beautiful prayers. Shari’s the prayer coordinator for our Bible study, so when she sends out the request, she writes a little prayer at the end. For years, I had NO IDEA she was writing these beautiful, eloquent prayers. Today she sent out a prayer for me and for another situation and she wrote this, “It’s all in Your hands now Father and I know that you will work everything out for the good of those who love and believe in You. And we know that you make all things new and beautiful and heal the ugly, sin sick soul.”
You make all things new and beautiful and heal the ugly, sin sick soul. Wow. That just hit me, how new is beautiful is a result of the healing of ugly and sin sick.

Tell me what’s going on with you, how I can pray for you through my narcotic-induced daze, and how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day. Oh, and thanks for praying, reading, and being awesome you!

(I’m using the QuickPress thing on WordPress, so hopefully this doesn’t look bizarre.)

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