Starfield triumphantly returns with THE KINGDOM

Right now, I’m listening to Starfield’s brand spankin’ new album, The Kingdom, which just happens to release today!  Even though Starfield’s lead man, Tim Neufield, emailed me about it weeks ago, you know how I am—behind in all things. (Though I’m sure that Tim can share in the blame.  Touring, spending time with his family…what excuses!)

But today is not a day of blame casting; it is one of celebration!  Because Starfield is unleashing their very first album as an independent band since amicably leaving Sparrow/EMI!  And let me tell you, friends, The Kingdom has been rockin’ my speakers for the past few weeks.  I enjoy the honest effort Starfield put forth in producing The Kingdom.  By emptying their own bank accounts, Starfield created an album that is both worshipful AND beautiful. 

It’s hard to pick a favorite song, but if you press me, I’d have to say the title track, “The Kingdom.” Or maybe “Speak Now Jesus.”   But “Natural Disaster” and their jazzed up version of “I Have Decided” are a close second and third.  Really, what’s not to like on this album?

Tim promised to come back for a Take 5 with Backseat Writer, but in the meantime, I just couldn’t keep The Kingdom to myself, not when you can get a copy of your own.  Head over to to find out where you can get pick up The Kingdom (or simply click here) and while you’re there, take some time  to catch up with Starfield  and connect with them on all your favorite social networks.

If you want to try it before you buy it, head over to NoiseTrade to download The Kingdom EP, which features “I Have Decided” and “Innocence and Other Things Lost.” 


And, seriously, how awesome is it that worship leaders can download Starfield chord charts for free? (Go to site and look at the bottom left quadrant.)  I want to sing “Speak Now Jesus” in church…when it’s available. (Hear that, Ken and Steve?) But you can play songs from Starfield’s four previous albums in church this Sunday! Or at youth group, Bible study, in your living room.

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