Doggone that Mitt Romney! (We don’t take animal abuse lightly)

Photo by ABC's Emily Friedman

Even though I’m an Independent and feel that my personal interests in social programs might be best served by a Democratic President, I still eye the Republican candidates with interest.  As an INDEPENDENT thinker, I like to look at all the candidates and chose the one that I feel can best serve my country.

I’ve already said that Newt Gingrich makes me sick.

I like what I’ve heard from Ron Paul.

And I’m not sure about Mitt Romney.

Well, friends, I am now sure that I will NEVER vote for Mitt (and not just because “President Mitt” sounds silly).  Apparently, Romney is an animal abuser.  According to several sources (check out this Huffington Post article), in 1983, Romney strapped the family dog, an Irish setter named Seamus, to the the top of the car in an airtight container for 12 hours.

If you’re a dog lover like me, you probably just screamed, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!”

Of course, we all make REALLY STUPID mistakes.  So Romney has a chance to redeem himself when questioned about this incident by Chris Wallace, host of “Fox News Sunday.”  Watch the clip below.

Well, that clears *THAT* up!!!

Because Seamus LIKED it…apparently.  Umm, my dogs also like run freely off the leash IN THE STREET…that doesn’t mean they should do it!  Besides, just became a dog is trained to go into the kennel doesn’t mean the dog likes it! 

And, why doesn’t Romney know Massachusetts law?!  I mean, isn’t it the President’s job to KNOW the law and ENFORCE it, at least by example?

Perhaps this law wasn’t in the books in 1983, or perhaps Romney was ignorant of the law.  I mean, who of us hasn’t violated a law on purpose or pled ignorance?

I can understand if Romney humbly admitted that he made a mistake and said that he no longer does this sort of thing.  I’d still feel uneasy about a man with such poor judgment.

But, no, Romney laughs at this “silly misunderstanding” leading me to believe that he’s a pompous, arrogant fool.

Look, Mitt, dogs are trusting creatures, who think that you have their best interest at heart.  You didn’t have Seamus’ best interest at heart, don’t admit that you made a mistake in tying your dog to the roof in an airtight container (Exactly how does a dog breathe in an airtight container anyway?), and you went to the Grinch’s School of Dog Care.

As the owner of two precious canines, I can confidently say that you lost my vote.  Not that you ever had it.  If you can’t treat a dog humanely, how am I supposed to trust you to treat the American people any differently?

4 thoughts on “Doggone that Mitt Romney! (We don’t take animal abuse lightly)

  1. What if the dog carrier got loose from the top of the car and rolled off? Don’t think he has any sense, law or no law!!!

  2. This is an extremely important issue. If he is elected president, it will make or break this country….. Sheesh people are really grabbing.. Bring up anything but the actual issues killing this country.

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