Friday Faves: Two Days Away!!! Edition

Two days!!!  The Big Event is a mere two days away!!!  Are you freaking out yet?  Are you making a mental list of all thing things you have yet to do in preparation for Christmas Day in your head as you read my post? (Because I know that “Friday Faves” is must-read.   It’s the gift I give you every week!)  My adrenalin starts to churn up when I think about things that just NEED to get down.  And then I realize there really isn’t that much to do.  I want to join the last-minute insanity, buy gifts I don’t need (as I carefully budgeting buying for everyone on my list months in advance), just so I can have a wrap-a-thon with all my pretty Black Friday deal paper.  Darn that anxiety disorder of mine!

Breathe in, breathe out.  Relax.  On Monday morning, no one will care that you shoved that last 10 presents you wanted to wrap in lovely bags with sparkly tissue or that you didn’t have time to make the spinach dip.  Everyone will remember that great time they had with you, how Uncle Bernard fell asleep after drinking too much eggnog (which you suspect he may have spiked), and you’ll marvel at the beauty of the Christmas Eve service at church and that the wondrous celebration of Christ’s birth has turned to commercial.  You will swear that next year will be less busy, less hectic, and more focused on Christ’s birth–maybe you’ll buy a blow-up nativity at an after-Christmas sale to let the neighbors know how much you love Jesus.

But all the resolutions you make won’t last and next year you’ll do the same thing again.  And the year after, too.  Because you want to make the best Christmas possible for all that you love and all that love you.  And you, my friend, would have it no other way.  I love you for that.  You’re my kind of gal/guy.

You need a break, so sit down and let me share some of the amazing things I’ve found in the last week of advent…

*I’m not sure I’m going to get a chance to do my “official Christmas post” this year, so I’m sharing Downhere’s “How Many Kings” song/video now.  I shared this song with my small group at our Christmas party last Monday.  It was a big hit with the ladies.  Listen to it a few times and let the song soak in.  I highly recommend Downhere’s How Many Kings Christmas album.  If you need some last minute cheer, check out How Many Kings (the album download is only $7.99 at their online store).

The digital download is only $4.99!!!  Give yourself an early McChristmas gift!

*Speaking of spiffy Christmas jams, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you how much I’m enjoying singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts’ Christmas Songs: Volume 2.  How did I acquire this album?  Who knows?  But I found it on my iTunes “holiday” selections and I love it!  I particularly dig “Born Beneath These Stars” and McRoberts’ unique take on my FAVORITE classic carol, “O Holy Night.” (You’d better do a darn good job on “O Holy Night” to impress me…and Justin did!)  Justin McRoberts isn’t just a great musician; he’s also a thoughtful blogger.  I don’t always agree with him, but I do enjoy his blog.  And harassing him on Twitter.  So, check out Christmas Songs: Volume 2 (and Volume 1.  I haven’t heard it, but I’m sure it’s good), read his blog, and harass Justin on Twitter.  He’ll love me..I mean, you,  for it.  I think he’s *TRYING* to change the holiday to “McChristmas.” Eye roll. Really, Justin, do you have to Mc-Everything?

From the National Wildlife Federation website.

*Did you ever wonder about those reindeer that supposedly FLY Santa’s sleigh across the world in just ONE night?  Well, it didn’t seem so outlandish when I was five, but these days I can’t believe I was so naive.  However, to clear up misconceptions about reindeer the National Wildlife Federation wrote a fun little piece called “Reindeer: Twelve Fascinating Facts About These Amazing Creatures.”  I learned that caribou *ARE* reindeer (which I secretly suspected all along) and they used to live in Idaho.  How ’bout that, Santa?  Not the North Pole…Idaho!!!

*The other day I shared “Amy’s Christmas Playlist” and told you that I just adore the song “His Favorite Christmas Story” by Capital Lights.  Well, between then and now, I found a short film based on the song, which is so very cute.  It has nothing to do with Baby Jesus.  It’s just a cute story.

*If I have your phone number, then you were the recipient of a very special phone call from Santa!  For those of you who want to pay me back for phone spam or just want to get in the holiday spirit of spamming all your friends and family, then head over to to send a personalized phone call OR video from Santa to all  your friends.  They will just LOVE you for it!  Seriously, it’s funny.  Do it! (By the way, put in YOUR BIRTH DATE, not your child’s.  Santa wants to make sure you’re old enough to spam everyone you know…and their children.)

Have a safe and merry holiday season! Eat lots of cookies, make a wrapping paper mess, and remember, that it’s all about that little baby born in Bethlehem! (And BFF Sarah came home early from work, so I’m not sure that Christmas message is going to get done.  Sometimes I need to choose what is better–and that’s spending some quality time with my friends.)

How are you spending Christmas?  What are you doing to keep calm during the last two days of chaos?  Did you send someone a call or video from Santa? What is a Christmas album that you recommend to me? (Since I’ve been recommending so  much music to you lately!) What is your favorite Christmas cookie?  Do you like reindeer?  Would you like one as a pet?

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